Hand glider over blue mountains.

Back at beginning of this new year, we encouraged everyone to chuck their usual quit-this, lose-that resolutions and try something different instead. And it seems a bunch of you are doing exactly that.

We took a look at top Pins for January in some of the fastest growing topics on Pinterest (like gardening, woodworking and DIY), and people have come up with some amazingly creative ideas for the year ahead. Here are 15 of our favorites. If you spot an idea that looks interesting, it isn’t too late to add it to your own 2015 board!

Can’t move to the mountains? Bring the mountains to your bedroom

Keep the picnic going even after the sun goes down

Push back the seats and enjoy the show

Do one really nice thing each week this year

Grow your own edible alien landscape

Go at it hammer and tongs

Healthy, tasty and easy to make…all in one pan

Grow the kids a snackable secret hideaway

Skip rainbow rocks in Montana

Give your old DVDs a new lease on life

Turn a bland corner into a useful zig-zag shelf

Visit new worlds without leaving the planet. (Romania! Who knew?)

What are you doing this weekend? Oh, filling eggshells with paint and hurling them at some canvas. How about you?

Blow people’s minds with an all-new scarf move

Transform found stumps into heirlooms


Well hello there, 2015. It looks like it’s going to be an interesting year!

—Evany Thomas, Writer, still Pinning to To Try in 2015.