It’s the beginning of December, and the gift-buying, party-planning frenzy of the hardcore holiday season is officially here. What to wear to the office party? Which cheerful drinks and finger foods should you serve at your own holiday spread? What are you going to get your kid for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or their unfortunately timed December birthday?

As the holiday questions start to pile up, it’s easy to get overwhelmed (AKA fetal up in bed for the next 4 weeks). But take comfort: Pinterest is here with 6 different ways—some of them spanking new—to make your holidays a little easier this year.


1. Look for tried-and-true ideas—NEW!

If you’re thinking about adding a new bauble to the tree, or maybe debuting a new holiday tradition or dish, start your experimenting with an idea that people have already tried and given their stamp of approval to—like this confirmed doable cactus tree dangler, or this universally devoured fresh green bean casserole, or these weirdly great elf-on-the-shelfies.

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2. Explore the NEW! Pinterest Explore

Tap into Pinterest Explore each day for a regularly rotating crop of surprising food and gift ideas, from what’s trending to what Pinterest tastemakers are loving today. Maybe you’ll find the perfect freakout-worthy gift for your favorite coworker. Or maybe you’ll find a holiday nibble you may have never found otherwise (oh hi, spirited selection of holidoozy drinks).

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3. Search the nooks and corners

Spot something in a Pin that you’re sure would be perfect for so-and-so? Tap the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the Pin to highlight just the part you’re interested in, then feast your eyes on a selection of similar looking Pins.

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4. Use group boards to crowdsource your holiday plans

As the sages say, many hands make light work. And when it comes to gift buying and party planning, things are indeed infinitely easier when you spread the cheer (and ice-buying responsibilities) across the shoulders of friends and family.

All you have to do is create a board, add collaborators, and you’re ready to brainstorm the best group gift for Grandfather Dan (AKA “GranDan”), or crowdsource the best salmonella-free eggnog recipe for this year’s holiday party.

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5. Keep things on the shhhh with secret boards

If the person you’re collecting gift ideas for is a notorious snoop (looking at you, GranDan), you can always make your gift-storm board secret so they don’t get wind of your plans.


6. Save time by buying gifts on Pinterest

As you’re browsing for gift ideas, keep your peepers peeled for Pins with blue price tags, which you can buy right on Pinterest. Buying on Pinterest means you only have to type in your card info and mailing address once—you can buy from any store that sells on Pinterest (from smaller shops like Modern Citizen to big guys like Wayfair) without having to go to their site and set up an account.

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We hope these tips help make your holidays just a little bit merrier and brighter.

- Evany Thomas is currently saving ideas to the the Pinterest employee holiday cookie group board