So you’ve found an idea on Pinterest and brought it to life. Now what? Maybe you pulled off your first homemade Halloween costume, or you discovered those brownies were better with extra butter (no surprise). Today, we’re adding an easy way for you to keep track of all the ideas you’ve tried on Pinterest.


Check off ideas you try

Next time you build, visit or make something you found on Pinterest, tap the new checkmark to say that you tried it. You can even add feedback, notes and photos to help others decide if they should give it a go too.

Phone screen with Pinterest app.


Explore before you try

When people try a Pin, their feedback will show up right on the Pin itself. Just scroll down to see how it turned out for others—you may even find some helpful hacks from people who tried it before you.

Phone screen with Pinterest app.


See everything you tried

All the Pins you try live in a new section on your profile. That way you can easily get back to things you want to try again—like your favorite cocktails or go-to hotel workouts.

We’re starting to roll out this new feature today, and everyone will have it over the next few weeks. Be sure to keep your Pinterest app up to date so you always have the latest, greatest. We can’t wait to see all the ideas you try!

– Nadine Harik, currently trying ideas from infant activities