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With the official start to summer just days away, many of us are getting ready for road trips to our favorite places. For beer lovers, we’ve pulled together a guide to more than 150 of the top microbreweries from Pinners around the country, to inspire you take your own adventure - near or far!

From Russian River Brewing Company in California to Keg Creek Brewery in Iowa to Atlantic Brewing Company in Maine, people are showing their love for local and distinct brews by creating brewery Place Boards. Saving your favorites to your own board can help you plan to hit the road for a tasting tour. What other way can you learn firsthand how beer like Salt Lick Pecan Wood Smoked SaisonStump Knocker Pale AleRondy Brew, and YAHHHRRRGGG! got their names?

For more inspiration, check out Place Boards from Pinners for areas such as Oregon, DenverLouisvilleMichigan, and New Hampshire.

Based on Pinner favorites, microbrew options are so plentiful, you can plan a trip across many regions in the U.S. Whether you’re looking to find the perfect beer, eager to see if an anticipated brew like Pliny the Younger lives up to its hype, or just itching to find the specialized seasonal beers across regions, these Pins will have all your beer bases covered.

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—Malorie Lucich, Communications Manager, Currently pinning to Bay Area Beer Tour