Pinterest commits to amplifying underrepresented creators and businesses

As we continue to build a platform for everyone, it’s important the ideas Pinners discover and take action on are inclusive of our global community. It’s hard to feel inspired if you don’t feel represented. Which is why we’ve taken actions like increased the quality and coverage of our skin tone ranges feature and improved the technology to detect multiple skin tones in top search results.

URG-owned business Shopping Spotlight

With the recent introduction of Story Pins and popular trending spaces, we’re committed to ensuring that 50% of the managed creators we’re working with come from underrepresented groups. And, in the coming weeks, we’re introducing a new way for retailers of all sizes, advertisers and creators to self-identify if they’re from an underrepresented group so their content will appear in these emerging spaces, including the Today tab, Shopping Spotlights and The Pinterest Shop. Those with business profiles who are interested can update their information in the settings menu under “Community Information”.

URG-owned business and creator tool user flow

We’re also proud to share the launch of our “Make the World See All Beauty” campaign, to start a new conversation around beauty and representation. Launching with a social film and V Magazine cover wrap, Pinterest and ten boundary-pushing creators show us a more representative future with makers including Nyma Tang

Through self-captured content from beauty creators, the film invites people to join our mission to make the beauty world see all beauty, furthering Pinterest’s position on making all areas of beauty more representative. The campaign will go live on Pinterest creator social channels and will also feature related ideas with exclusive content in Story Pins from creators like Tennille Murphy, Kiitan Akinniranye and Nam Vo.

URG beauty creators from the "Make the World See All Beauty" campaign

Over the coming months, we’re continuing to make progress on our commitments to support meaningful change—whether it’s increasing the discoverability of diverse ideas to reflect our hundreds of millions of Pinners, using our marketing channels to help drive change, or our amplifying creators from all backgrounds and experiences.