And you get Lens! And YOU get Lens! AND YOU GET LENS!

Last month, we introduced our new real-world visual discovery tool, Lens, to a small group of people on Pinterest.

After a good, long month of learning and tinkering, we’re happy to say that the beta version of Pinterest Lens is now available to everyone in the US, on iPhone and Android.

To get to Lens, update your app, tap the search bar and tap the red camera icon. Then just point Lens at an object – shoes, recipe ingredients, art – to see what ideas it turns up.

Shop the look in Pinterest

You can also use photos on your camera roll to do a search. We’ve even added some new things to Lens that you may not have thought of yet. Just swipe up to find new Lenses to try, from turntables to travel ideas.

Lens Universe Grid

Help Lens get smarter

Lens is still in beta, which means it isn’t perfect just yet. It is pretty good with recipe ingredients and outfit ideas. And if you Lens a throw pillow, chair or piece of art over at your friend’s house, you should turn up some great ideas.

But Lens is still learning, and doesn't always recognize exactly what you're looking for.

Lens will stay in beta as it gets even better at recognizing all the things. And that’s where you come in!

If you get results that feel a little meh, tap the new + button to add feedback and help Lens get better at finding ideas inspired by whatever you just Lensed. As more and more people help teach Lens about more and more objects, soon it will earn its way out of the beta zone.


Share what you’ve been Lensing

We’d also love to learn more about what you’ve been Lensing. So whatever your results (win, fail or funny), post a screengrab somewhere social and tag #PinterestLens so we can see how Lens is doing out there in the world with you.

- Eric Sung, product manager for search at Pinterest, is currently discovering cocktail recipes