Celebrating Black History Month

Today marks the first day of a month-long celebration of Black History. While Black History Month means something different to each of us, it’s a time where we can come together in honor of the diverse beauty of the Black and African American community. From Langston Hughes to Little Miss Flint, tennis pros to Tuskegee Airmen, Senegalese twists to Civil Rights activists, there is so much to celebrate. 

Join us as we commemorate Black History Month through learning and exploration. Our employee community group, Blackboard, has made it possible to search terms like “Black History Month” that will show you curated content for Black and African American history along with the colors of the Pan-African flag. Additionally, we want to highlight and share the work of some inspiring Black and African American creators on Pinterest who help Pinners create a life they love. Here are just a few of those food, travel, art, fashion, DIY, and SMB influencers.

Aurélia Durand

“Black History Month means to me a month to highlight the stories of black people and get their message to places they usually don't reach. Our institutions need to change, and it's only by spreading the words we can move forward and see more representations.” 

Aurélia Durand

Aurélia Durand is a graphic designer who creates a variety of work with augmented reality, animations, paintings, murals, and illustrations. Her mixed cultural background resonates in her work, in her patterns and color palette. Her art is a vivid celebration of diversity. “Pinterest has helped me to create more interactive mood boards that I can easily share with my friends. When I start a new project, I create a board. Pinterest has, for sure, helped me to start exciting projects.”

Aaron Hutcherson

“Black History Month is a small way to honor the collective history of Black people and the multitudes that it entails. I try to highlight the numerous contributions that Black people have made—and continue to make—to society at large.”

Aaron Hutch

Photo by Rachel Vanni

Aaron Hutcherson, the creator of The Hungry Hutch, is a writer, chef and lover of all things food. His passion to cook (and eat) has led him to experiment with his recipes and to always try anything once. His blog features a variety of savory and sweet recipes that reflect a mix of his soul food upbringing, professional culinary expertise, and gastronomic curiosity. “I use Pinterest as a source of inspiration. Not only for the types of recipes I create, but also how I style and photograph them to present them visually to the world.”

Omo and Eulanda

“Culturally, our homes reside across Nigeria, USA, and the UK. It [Black History Month] is often a month that feels like a personal homegoing celebration; a time where you reflect on the beautiful highlights of celebrations from our youth, and the connections we've nurtured.”

Omo and Eulanda

Omo and Eulanda, the creator couple behind Hey Dip Your Toes In (HDYTI), enjoy discovering the stories behind the stories of the people they meet and the places they visit. Through HDYTI, they hope people are emboldened to enrich the tapestry of their lives. “Pinterest is a vital part of our content ecosystem and personal lifestyle. On a weekly basis, you'll find us searching Pinterest for storyboard and mood board inspiration. We honestly can't imagine life without such a vital resource!”

Stacey-Ann Blake

“[Black History Month to me is] celebrating the accomplishments, triumphs, and acknowledging the resilience of African Americans who have made an indelible mark on our society despite insurmountable barriers they faced.”

Stacey-Ann Blake

Photo by Courtney Cheatham

Stacey-Ann Blake, the creator from Design Addict Mom, is a mother and interior stylist/blogger extraordinaire. She has a penchant for bold colors and patterns that can be seen all throughout her work. “Pinterest is a platform that makes it easy to showcase my work and tell my brand story in a way that is unique to me. Additionally, the data and feedback the Pinterest platform provides gives me invaluable insight to help grow my brand.”

Shelcy and Christy

“Black History Month to us means pride and power. It's about telling our stories, making our voices heard and reclaiming our essential role in American history.”


Photo by Patrizia Messineo Photography

Shelcy and Christy are the fashionable sister duo behind NYCxClothes. While their talents range from travel to style advice, they want their viewers to think of them as two Haitian sisters who will give them tea and tell them stories about their lives, about New York and about the world. “Pinterest is key to our content creation process. As creators, it motivates us to have a place like this where we can let our imagination run wild, explore our ideas, but also be influenced by the rich visuals that make up the platform.”

Kim Lewis

"Black History Month is a time where I honor Madame C.J. Walker , the woman who paved the way for beauty, she became the first self-made, female, millionaire in America."


CurlMix is a family-owned company on the South Side of Chicago that gives curly women the best wash and go. Co-founder Kim Lewis quit her first job fresh out of college to throw herself into the beauty space. Knowing she'd need some capital to start her first business, she had the idea to sign her husband up for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. He went on to win $100,000 and invest in their first business. “Pinterest has inspired me on my natural hair journey to love myself and my hair as it naturally grows out of my head. Many women like me chemically alter their hair to fit into society's standard of beauty but being able to find beautiful images of my hair and other African-American women on Pinterest have truly encouraged me along my journey and ultimately changed my life.”