Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month


This week marks the start of Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States—a time when we pause to celebrate the extraordinary contributions that Hispanic and Latin American communities make every day. This year, all of us at Pinterest wanted to take a moment to thank the vibrant community of Hispanic and Latinx creators who share their history, traditions and culture with us to inspire Pinners to create a life they love.  

For the next month, we will feature special seasonal content highlighting the work of some great creators.  When you search for terms like “hispanic heritage” or “cultura latina”, you will see featured content from food, style, beauty and travel influencers. Here are a few of the ideas you might come across.


Photo of 2 tacos

Pinners often bring together their friends and family to share a meal inspired by Hispanic and Latin American recipes. We have a terrific community of creators who share incredible food ideas on Pinterest.  One of them is Mely Martinez, a former school teacher, home cook and food blogger, created Mexico in My Kitchen to provide easy Mexican food recipes. Want to learn how to make authentic flour tortillas, a quick batch of tomatillo salsa or some shredded beef tacos? Mexico in My Kitchen’s got you covered.


Photo of woman in jeans and yellow top

People also use Pinterest to discover new ways to style their clothes and stay up with the latest trends. We are inspired by creators like Monica Escobar, a Colombian fashion designer, blogger and entrepreneur. Monica initially created her signature turbans because she needed those accessories for a medical problem. They ended up being so popular that she made them into one of the flagship products of her brand.


Photo of woman putting eye shadow

You can search for new beauty tips from experts, like Jimena Aguilar, Lilia Cortes and Distrito Belleza. Using our skin tone ranges feature, you can get new beauty ideas for a wide range of skin tones. One of our favorite creators, Alejandra Ramos said “As a Latina woman of color, I especially love the way the new feature allows me to zoom in on the beauty ideas, products, and looks that actually feel relevant and accessible to me.”


Photo of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

And to satisfy our wanderlust, we have some great travel Pins to help you plan a trip to a beautiful location—whether you are on a shoestring budget or looking for sustainable and responsible travel.  Looking for where to go and stay in Brazil, Travel Cines has got you covered.

The incredible diversity of ideas and cultures is what makes Pinterest a source of inspiration for hundreds of millions of people all over the world. All of these ideas are on Pinterest because our creator community used their imagination and artistry so we can learn, be inspired and get out there to try new things.  

And if you’re interested in becoming a creator on Pinterest, check out Pinterest for Creators.

— Christine Flores, General Counsel, currently pinning to Todos Pincluidos.