Celebrating Pride 2018 at Pinterest

Pinterest is the place to get inspired, discover ideas and connect with your real self—without judgement or social pressure. It’s what drives us to make Pinterest a positive and inclusive app, built just for you. There’s no better time to celebrate your true self than Pride Month.

At Pinterest, Pride is one of our most favorite times of the year. It's our chance to raise our rainbow flag high in celebration of all our LGBTQ+ Pinners and Pinployees. We also get to cut loose with a number of colorful features within the product itself, lovingly brought to you by Pinwheels, the Pinterest LGBTQ+ employee and allies group.

A rainbow of ideas

Pinterest is full of ideas for how to bring Pride to life, from parade-wear ideas to inspirational quotes to rainbow recipes (check out our top trending Pride Pins). And now when you search “Pride,” even the usually grey suggested searches light up in all the colors of the rainbow:

Pride search results on Pinterest

You’ll also find curated collections of Pins showcasing the ideas other people are saving with the hashtag #pridemonth, along with photos of the Pride Pins people are trying this year. Discover collections of Pins about LGBTQ+ history, must-watch films, drag makeup tutorials and more. We’ll be changing the collections up every few days, so keep checking back!

Pinterest on Parade

Our local Pinterest teams will be participating in official Pride parades across the globe, from San Francisco to London. In the UK, Pinterest has also collaborated with Pride in London to curate a board of even more inspiring ideas for this year’s Pride. The Celebrating Pride board can be found on the Pinterest UK and Pride in London profiles.

Company Pride

One essential ingredient to building a product for a world of different Pinners is to hire a team of Pinployees with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. It takes all kinds to build a product for all kinds. That’s just one of many reasons we work so hard to hire people of all ages, colors, sizes and genders.

To make sure everyone who works here feels included and supported, we offer a selection of carefully considered benefits like:

  • Adoption and surrogacy benefits to support all prospective parents.
  • Support for IVF and egg freezing.
  • A parental leave policy that provides 16 weeks paid leave to all moms and dads––including adoptive parents––which can be broken into chunks and taken anytime throughout the year.
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms in every Pinterest office.
  • Volunteer opportunities with local organizations like Maven to empower LGBTQ+ youth and other underserved groups.

If any of that sounds good to you, we’re also hiring! We’d love to have your help as we build the product people around the world love and use every day.

Happy Pride-ing!