Introducing new tools and resources for creators on Pinterest

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People are turning to Pinterest more than ever in search of inspirational content to help them adjust to the “new normal” way of life during the coronavirus pandemic. Creators and businesses have always been at the heart of the Pinterest community and they are responding by tailoring their content for timely and creative ideas like how to live in isolation, caring for family, working remotely, exercising indoors, staying mentally healthy, or just browsing positive imagery. In support of Pinterest creators, today, we’re announcing new creative specialty partners, introducing new creators branding, and sharing new resources for creators and small-to-medium-sized businesses.

New creative partners

To help make it easier for creators and SMBs to identify trusted creative specialty partners, we’re adding Adobe Spark, Over, PicMonkey and Canva to the Pinterest Partners program. These are trusted services for tools like creating, designing, editing and publishing Pins from business accounts. These partners have been carefully vetted and have proven track records and are experts in maintaining Pinterest best practices in their content development. 

Introducing Pinterest Creators

As the lifeblood of content on Pinterest, creators are an essential part of our community. We’re introducing a new look and feel for the Pinterest Creators brand as we continue to roll out new resources, tools and products. Pinterest creators are expressive, inventive and one-of-a-kind, and new resources and ongoing communications identified through the new brand are aimed at supporting creators with the tools to help them grow on Pinterest. The brand was developed with the unique style of creators in mind, who constantly inspire through positive, playful, and inclusive creative. You’ll start to see more of the Pinterest Creators brand in the coming weeks, but you can get a feel for the new look here:

Pinterest's new brand identity creators

Chelsea Foy,
Lovely Indeed
“I try to think about what people need right now. People are searching for positivity and practicality so I do a lot of empowering and entrepreneurial content. Pinterest is a useful way to reach a wide audience and my content can spread faster.”

New resources

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In the coming weeks, we’re launching a new Community with online support and a self-paced education for business accounts, giving creators a way to learn from Pinterest, offer feedback and gain tips on growing their reach on Pinterest. Additionally, we will be expanding Pinterest Academy, our free e-learning tool, with new courses for creators to take advantage of our suite of tools and features. 

We also recently kicked off a new video series called “Mavens,” with creators like Gray Malin sharing their experiences on building and creating with Pinterest. Keep an eye on more videos to come over the following weeks. 

For ongoing updates to resources for creators, follow Pinterest Creators on Pinterest and Instagram.