3 improvements inspired by our Pinners

We love it when people get in touch to tell us what’s working on Pinterest and what we could do better. Today, we’re making a few changes based on all of the helpful feedback we’ve received.

Pinterest messaging made easy

In the past, you and a friend had to follow each other on Pinterest to send a message or board invitation. We did this to protect our community from spammers, but it obviously made it harder to send things to your friends quickly and easily.

Over the years, our top notch spam team have been improving our spam technology, so now you can send Pins and invitations to a friend even if you aren’t following each other.

We've also improved Search, so it's easier to find people you know. If you’re decorating your new flat, you can create a group board and invite your flatmates to share furniture and other home ideas.

Send Pins however you want

Now you can send Pins, boards and profiles to friends across apps – Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, text message – however you usually communicate with each other.

Send a Pin

A new way to fine-tune your home feed

A couple of years ago, we introduced "Picked for you" Pins in people's home feeds. Tons of people love these recommendations, and they get a lot of likes and saves (600 million saves every month!), especially from new Pinners.

But a small number of you have told us that you aren't a fan. And we get that. If you spend time curating your home feed – following and unfollowing boards so you see exactly the Pins you want – sometimes you just don't want to see anything else in your feed.

So we've added an easy way for you to stop getting these recommendations. Just head over to your settings and turn off your “Picked for you” setting, and we'll stop showing Picked for you Pins in your home feed.

Homefeed settings

All of these updates were made possible by the helpful notes and emails we've received from our Pinners. So keep the feedback coming!

Kate Allchin, UK Content & Community Manager, currently saving ideas to Art