More than 175 million people around the world use Pinterest every month and 80% of them use Pinterest on their phones. In fact, Android users are the fastest growing group on Pinterest right now.

To make it easier for these folks to get the most out of Pinterest, we’re doing things such as building our Lens technology directly into the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and Bixby, and today, we’re introducing app shortcuts for Android 7.1 or higher.

Get straight to the good stuff

Tap open your Pinterest app and you go to your home feed, just as always. Now, if you long press the app, you’ll see four handy Pinterest shortcuts:

Android app shortcut

Lens - discover ideas inspired by anything you point your camera at.

Explore - see which ideas are trending today.

Saved - jump straight to that recipe or any other idea you saved.

Search - type in a search to find ideas on Pinterest.

You can even move the shortcuts you use most straight onto your home screen - just tap and drag the shortcut over.

For those of you on iPhone, fear not; we’ll be rolling out new app icon shortcuts later this month. For now, we hope these new tools help those of you on Android 7.1+ reach the parts of Pinterest you love most just a little bit faster!