“Back to Life”: The “New” New Year on Pinterest

“Back to Life”: The “New” New Year on Pinterest

Every year on Pinterest, searches for organisation, routine, positivity, and goal setting spike twice— once during the new year as resolutions are in full swing, and again right before autumn as people get inspired after an energising summer. A global survey revealed 63% of Brits feel more joyful and energized in the summer compared to the rest of the year, and 45% of Brits feel more inclined to make small life improvements that will increase their happiness as Autumn approaches.¹  We call this moment getting “Back to Life, ” as Pinners have essentially anointed a new New Year. 

Searches for ideas like improving finances, feeling more positive, organising the home and planning for the future all have a second life with the arrival of autumn. The beginning of a new year is a common time to set ambitious goals, but Pinterest data has shown us Pinners see two times in the year as opportunities to start fresh.



As a top search during “Back to Life” life organisationis up 78% this year, with specific trends including:

  • Sustainable lifestyle (+108%): From sustainable home products to eco-friendly fashion and beauty buys, Pinners are searching for ways to shop and live more responsibly. Searches for save the planetare up 380% this year!

  • Organisation videos (+230%): People are increasingly turning to Pinterest to watch organisational videos to learn (and master) top tricks and hacks. Curate your closet, style a shelfie, or arrange your pantry like a pro - 45% of Brits say that they are looking for tips to declutter and reorganise their home when summer ends.¹ 

  • Budgeting finances (+3298%): Knowing when to spend and save money is key for keeping finances organised - 26% of Brits said that they would like to better manage their finances as they prepare for autumn.¹ Pinners are using household budget templates to ease stress and form healthy money habits.




As people are searching for organisational hacks, they’re also looking for healthy habits. This year’s top searches related to “routine” during Back to Life are “skin care routine,” “morning routine,” “self care routine,” “workout routine” and “beauty routine.” The survey showed over a third (37%) of Brits would like to eat more healthily and exercise more (31%).¹ Specific top trends include: 

  • Productive day routine (+180%): Pinners know that having the right daily routine can help spark productivity. 

  • Morning routine videos (+161%): Whether it’s yoga or a  routine for getting ready, people are looking for ways to look and feel better each morning.

  • Weekend routine (+144%): Pinners love to plan! Searches for weekend routines help them smartly prep for the week ahead.

Additionally, more people than ever are looking for ways to create a visual action plan for themselves and their families, with searches forroutine chartup 161% andfamily chore chartup 282%.

The importance of “me time” isn’t lost on Pinners, as searches forself-care routineare up 140%. 

Even more specifically, a new trend, drinks for clear skinhas emerged, with searches up 140%. Other trending drinks for self-care include:



Along the lines of the emergence of “me time”, self-care is here to stay, as people are searching for terms that help them tap into the feel-good vibes. For Pinners, positivity can mean embracing what they might consider body flaws. This year for Back to Life, trending searches includeacne positivity” (+193%), “stretch marks positivity” (+163%), “body hair positivity” (+158%), and “cellulite positivity” (+69%). Remarkably, these are just a few of the examples showing how people are using Pinterest to love and care for themselves.

Gratitude plays a big role in staying positive too. During Back to Life, people also look for ways to appreciate what’s already in front of them, including uplifting quotes to maintain that positive summer mindset as the seasons change: 

Enid Hwang
Culture and Community Manager at Pinterest
“Over the years, we’ve seen the end of summer become a distinct and significant moment on Pinterest when people want to make personal changes to refresh their routines, set goals, get organized and most importantly, stay positive. We call this mindset ‘back to life’ and find that people have a specific intent around what they’re thinking and feeling as they use Pinterest. Thanks to 300 million Pinners who use Pinterest each month around the world, we have 200 billion ideas to meet their interests and match their mindset”



As the second shot at a New Year’s resolution, Back to Life sees its fair share of goal-related searches including goal planning (+128%) and goal list (+101%), showing how planning and taking small steps each day can help achieve life goals (+81%).

For many Pinterest users, life goals are about professional development withcareer planning up +101%. Whether it’s earning a promotion, starting a side hustle, or making a career change, people see the Back to Life moment as a time to pause, reflect, and figure out how to get there, including:

  • Dream house plans (+669%): Many people see designing a dreamy place to call home as a big-picture ambition.

  • Big family goals (+86%): The more the merrier! There’s never a dull moment in a big family — especially when you can set goals for a future together.

  • Travel dreams (+2178%): Summer break may be over, but people use the Back to Life moment to plan their next trip and stay on track with their travel goals throughout the year.


¹ Survey focused on Autumn preparation commissioned by Pinterest, 1000 respondents in the UK.

² All percent increases throughout this post are calculated using normalized searches from June ‘18 to June ‘19.