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There are over 75 billion ideas on Pinterest, and people around the world save millions more here every single day. With so many great hand-curated ideas making their way onto Pinterest, there could be some you'd really love if only you knew about them.

That’s what Pinterest Explore is all about – helping you make sure you don’t miss the good stuff.

Explore top ideas.

Trending ideas, expert faves and more! 

With the new Explore, we’ve made some big improvements to the featured collections we introduced earlier this year, so now the collections are even more relevant, and there’s a much wider variety of ideas for you to discover.

Stop by whenever you want to get a snapshot of what’s trending on Pinterest, and what local tastemakers and other experts are loving most today. Also, keep an eye out for top ideas from your favourite brands and publishers, such as River Cottage, Madeleine Shaw, Cosmopolitan, George Northwood and Donal Skehan, just to name a few.

And when we come across ideas we think you’d especially want to see, your Explore will also include a collection of your own personalised recommendations.


The topics you love most 

You can also explore ideas by topic – just swipe right for Food, Home, Style or anything else you’re into to see what’s trending. To see full selection of Pins for each topic, just scroll down past the collections and tap “See all Pins”.

The first time you visit, the topics you start out with are inspired by how you’ve been using Pinterest up until now, but you can always customise which topics you see. Swipe right to the end of your topic list and tap the + to pick new topics, then drag them into whatever order makes the most sense to you.

Explore top ideas.

Come and explore Explore today, tomorrow and every day after on your phone (tap the magnifying-glass icon at the bottom of your screen) or on the web (click new Compass button next to the search bar, right where the old category button used to be). We hope you find surprising new ideas each time you stop by!

Explore top ideas.

(Note: it's going to take about a week for everyone to get the new experience, so if you don't have it yet, please check back in a day or so!)

– Zoe Pearson, UK Marketing Manager, saving ideas to VISIT: JAPAN