Phone screen with Pinterest app.

You may notice something new the next time you visit one of your favourite categories on Pinterest: now each category has a whole new selection of specialised interests to explore. You can even follow along to get Pins from other people who share that same interest delivered right to your home feed.

Pinterest favorites screen on desktop.

So if you go to our great Outdoors category today, now you’ll see related interests like HikingCamping and Hillwalking right at the top of the page. Dive into Hiking and you’ll discover all kinds of Pins from other hike-minded Pinners. While you’re there, you can navigate your way through to Caravans, Yorkshire Dales and other topics ramblers tend to enjoy. And so on, and on…and on.

Who knows? You may even discover a few new things you didn’t even realise you were into along the way.


Get a fresh supply of Pins from Pinners like you

When you find a topic where people are Pinning lots stuff you like, click or tap the Follow button and a selection of those very Pins will start appearing in your home feed. That way there’s always something interesting waiting for you whenever you drop by Pinterest.

If you ever want to stop seeing these Pins, just go back to the interest to Unfollow. Or you can always manage your interests in the newly updated Following section of your profile, where you’ll now also see all the boards and Pinners you follow.

We’ll be rolling this out in English to start with, and it will be available on Android, iPhone, iPad and the web. If you don’t see it yet, just wait—it should be arriving soon!


– Lizzie Sibley, Marketing Manager, currently posting to Llama Llama Duck