Woman in mustard shirt in the forest

Live life to the fullest. This was one of the top New Year’s resolutions this year, so it’s no surprise that travel habits are becoming more adventurous and personalised. Baby boomers prefer popular tourist attractions, while millennials seek authentic cultural experiences. In fact, they're more likely to spend their money on these moments than material objects.

Millennial travelers turn to Pinterest to plan their vacation and make decisions about everything from the destination to the itinerary. Travel is one of our top 10 categories with over 3 billion ideas, but travel goes beyond just the destination. It influences everything from food and style to home decor. What people are doing on their trip—eating, drinking, wearing, shopping—is just as important as where they’re going. Let’s take a closer look.


Forest bathing, not what you think

To combat the always-inside, always-plugged-in epidemic, Pinners are following the Japanese practice Shinrin-yoku, which translates to "taking in the forest atmosphere" or "forest bathing" (+152%). It's the process of absorbing everything about nature – the sights, sounds, smells – to promote physiological and psychological health.


Time to hit the road

The rising van life movement (+290%) represents the revival of the American road trip, a hippie-outdoorsiness and a life free of the nine-to-five office grind. But you don't need a VW, to get in on the fun – bus and train rides are also popular.


Take a trip with your BFFs

You're sitting around having a beer and a burger with your best buds, and the next thing you know you'e planning a trip together. Group getaways are in (+367%), one-on-one romantic rendezvous are out. Some friends make it a tradition to go the same place every year, but others mix it up and explore new cities, islands and resorts together.


Bring the vacay vibes home

Pinners are making their couches a visual passport by mixing patterns (from multiple destinations and mudcloth textiles (+86%) and Kilim pillows (+163%). Global grub is taking brunch to the next level with shakshuka (+112%). And more over froséaperol spritzes (+90%) are the new day drink, thanks to a low ABV.


Adventure awaits! See the complete list of travel trends Pinners are loving, and start planning your next trip now.

–Kate Allchin, UK Content & Community Manager, packing my bags and saving ideas to LISBON