Inspiration for every generation: Style and Beauty on Pinterest


No one wants to hear what they should or shouldn’t wear or do at any given age. Today, individuality and authenticity reign supreme when it comes to beauty and fashion choices: You do you. Regardless of age, we hear from Pinners that they come to Pinterest to feel empowered, to find style inspiration that speaks to them, and to bring that style inspiration to life (and into their wardrobes).

We took a look at Pinterest beauty and style searches across generations and noticed one common theme: we’re more alike than different. No matter what age, personal style, or beauty preference, these top themes rose to the top across style and beauty. Check out our insights below and see for yourself: true style is ageless.


  • The road to style: What’s one common style theme through almost all the decades? Streetwear fashion! No matter if you’re in your 20s (+245%), 30s (+298%), 40s (+308%) or 50s (+265%), streetwear is all the rage. And even if streetwear isn’t trending for those in their 60’s, they are dipping their toes with searches on “sneakers fashion” up 316%. 

  • Internationally inspired: People are turning to Pinterest to find the global style and fashion that works for them. Increasing searches for hijab fashion for those in their 20s and 30s, (“modern hijab fashion” up 1745% and “street hijab fashion” up 244%), “Korean fashion trends” for those in their 20s and 60s, (+1075% and +93%) and “Parisian chic style” for those in their 40s (+174%). With billions of style ideas globally, Pinterest can help you find style inspiration no matter your age nor where you live. 


Get the Look

Get the Look: Zoom in (or use the visual search cropper icon) on any product you see within a Pin to see where to buy it, or something just like it. And keep scrolling to see related looks for inspiration on how to style a full outfit. 

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  • The bold and the beautiful: People in their 20s and 30s are all about creative looks, with searches on “makeup art” up 106% and 142% respectively. Things are also coming full circle for people in their 20s that are increasingly searching for the bold look of 60's makeup (+59%), while people in their 60’s are more into “natural makeup” (+77%) or searching for “makeup for older women” (+31%).


  • Makeup 101: And everyone is turning to Pinterest to learn more, with people in their 30s and 40s searching for “makeup videos” (up 131% and 150%) and “eye makeup tutorial” trending for people in their 50s and 60s (up 74% and 140% shows people of all ages are looking for inspiration on Pinterest to learn more makeup tips to elevate the look - which can also elevate their moods!


Pinterest beauty pro tip

This week we announced Try On, powered by Lens, which makes it easy to try on various lip colours for your skin tone range, see related looks, and buy with confidence. This feature will be available in the US and globally in the future.



  • Pinners are also embracing their authentic selves, with searches for “natural hairstyles” up 670% for people in their 30s, “short afro hairstyles” up 284% for people in their 50s, and “short grey hair” is the top trending hair related search term for people in their 40s (+517%), 50s (+571%), and 60s (+610%).


Methodology: Trends are calculated using normalised searches from December ‘18 to December ‘19 amongst the specific age groups referenced.