Inspiring Action: Pinterest’s 2022 Inclusion & Diversity Report


Today, Pinterest is sharing its 2022 Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Report. Under the theme ‘Inspiring Action’, this year’s report details our latest progress and efforts on I&D and building a positive place online. 

Our mission is to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life that they love, and deliver an experience that reflects their interests, tastes and cultures—no matter who they are. We cannot deliver that experience if our people and our product do not reflect the diversity of our world. That’s why we continue to invest in embedding inclusivity, diversity and belonging into everything that we do.

‘This past year was an important chapter in our journey. In 2022, we continued to champion inclusion and diversity through the launch of our Pinclusion philosophy—prioritising an inclusive culture where our people flourish through representation and belonging, our users thrive with inspiration and our company grows through innovation. I’m inspired by our progress so far, along with the dedication that Pinterest demonstrates every day, as we work to embed inclusion and diversity in everything that we do.’ – Nichole Barnes Marshall, Chief Diversity Equity & inclusion Officer at Pinterest.

Scaling our I&D efforts globally

Pinterest serves 450 million users across the world, so it is important that our I&D efforts are reflected on a global scale. Last year, Pinterest dedicated a position on the I&D team to our global strategy for the first time, to help ensure that we meet the needs of our people, no matter where they live and work.

At the end of 2022, 40% of leadership roles were held by people who identify as women, which exceeded our 2025 goal of increasing the representation of women in leadership by 20% (to a total of 36% women in leadership roles). What’s more, outside the US, women hold 50% or more of leadership roles, driving our global business forwards in every category—from engineering, to marketing, to sales.

We also introduced ‘Count Me In’, a global initiative that gives our employees more self-identification options for gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status and caregiver status, so that they can see themselves more fully and accurately represented. We have rolled this initiative out in the US, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Canada and Brazil, and plan to expand to more offices around the world in 2023.

Building an inclusive product for users, businesses and creators

At Pinterest, we are intentional in our efforts to create a positive, welcoming and—above all—inspiring corner of the internet. In 2022, Pinterest was named on Fast Company’s ‘Brands That Matter’ list, in part because we have taken an innovative approach to developing inclusive products over the years. Many of our tools are industry firsts.

We’ve bolstered our support of the Creator Inclusion Fund, an incubator programme designed specifically to increase pathways to success for creators from underrepresented communities by providing financial and education resources. Over the last year, we’ve expanded the programme across verticals in the US and launched our first-ever programmes in the UK and Brazil. 

Making a greater impact through partnerships

We’ve put partnerships at the heart of our I&D strategy to help Pinterest make an even greater impact within our organisation, the industry and society at large. In 2022, Pinterest worked with a range of organisations to help advance our shared missions—from the Transgender Training Institute equipping us with new and practical strategies to create more belonging in the workplace, to Activate Inclusion sharing new skills and tools for our leaders to better embed I&D into every department and workstream.

We worked with purpose-driven organisations to build a better, more inclusive industry. For example, Pinterest continued its multi-year, multi-million dollar partnership with /dev/color in 2022 to help support and invest in Black talent. We also sponsored flagship events hosted by organisations from Lesbians Who Tech to The American Indian Science and Engineering Society.

For more information on Pinterest’s ongoing I&D efforts, please see the full report here.