Introducing an easier way to create and inspire on Pinterest


More than 460 million people around the world come to Pinterest each month to find inspiration, ideas and products to buy, and create a life that they love. Content creators—from individuals to publishers to brands—are at the heart of enabling users to go from inspiration to action. We’re always looking for ways to make creating content on Pinterest easier, so we’re evolving our native publishing tools to do just that. Starting today, Pinterest will unify all of the features that Pinners and content creators have come to love under one, simple format—Pins. 

The best of creation, all in one workflow, available to everyone

Given Pinterest’s unique value in curating a mix of image and video content, we’re now merging the content creation flows of our most highly engaged formats into one seamless experience. Pinterest users will now be able to access features that were previously only available to certain Pin formats or users with business accounts, including links, post-publish editing and flexible aspect ratios. All content creators will also be able to include expressive features such as music, text overlay and stickers to their Pins. To create a video or image Pin, users can simply click ‘Create a Pin’. Learn more about what Pins have to offer at the Pinterest Help Centre.

For advertisers, Pinterest will continue to offer all the features and formats that they know and love. Advertisers will still have the ability to create Idea ads, video ads, collections ads and carousel ads to bring their brand to life with creative components that feel native to Pinterest.



Enhanced features to make creation and monetisation easier 

In addition to bringing together all the best creation features into one simple workflow, Pinterest is expanding a set of tools and features that will make it easier for Pinners and creators to edit, publish, monetise, measure performance and connect to brands that they care about. The enhancements that will allow users to more easily harness all of the power of Pinterest include:

  • Links in all Pins: We’re excited to unlock another monetisation channel through links in all Pins. Users will be able to add links to all images, videos and even Pinterest TV livestream, helping to drive traffic and make connections with brands. The paid partnership tool and product tagging using affiliate links (for the US and the UK) are now available to everyone as additional channels to make money on Pinterest.
  • Performance metrics: All video Pins will now have enhanced metrics (including views and watch time), bringing a consistent set of analytics across all Pin types.
  • Pin scheduling via API: Users using content marketing platforms and creative tools will be able to create and schedule Pins directly through those platforms.
  • Flexible aspect ratios and editing: Users will be able to create Pins using flexible aspect ratios and be able to edit Pin components after publishing including title, details and links.

‘By creating a simpler, faster way for content creators to harness the power of Pinterest, we’re making it easier than ever for our creators to reach an engaged audience, make money, build a brand and express what makes them uniquely special both on and off the platform.’ 

Malik Ducard, Chief Content Officer


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New community engagement features

Building an inspiring and positive community on Pinterest is a priority for us. As part of our Pin's format, all users will be able to access these unique community features to support one another:

  • Safety keywords: Pinterest users will be able to add keywords that they don't wish to see in the comments. By simply creating a filter under social permissions, users will be able to auto-hide all comments containing the keyword specified.
  • Photo comments:  Pinterest users will be able to easily respond to content on Pinterest by creating and uploading a photo. 
  • Reactions: Reactions such as the heart and lightbulb emoji, which have been steadily growing as a much-loved feature to engage with content in the Pinterest community, will be expanding to all Pins.

To learn more about all of the changes that Pinterest is rolling out globally, please visit the Pinterest Help Centre.

Methodology: 1Pinterest, Global analysis, Q1 2023