Introducing Arabic on Pinterest


Starting today, Pinterest is launching in Arabic as its next language available to all Pinners on iOS, Android, and web.

There are over 475 million people who use Pinterest each month around the world for inspiration1 , and 57% of those Pinners use the platform to discover fresh ideas in a language other than English.2 That’s why today, we’re launching Pinterest in Arabic, making the platform more accessible and relevant to Pinners around the world.

Since launching on Android and web, we’ve seen a 48% increase in the number of Pinners who have selected Arabic as their language of choice.3 Arabic is one of the fastest growing languages on Pinterest with over 3.5 million searches made in Arabic each day. 4 

To select Arabic as your preferred language on Pinterest on iOS and Android, go to your phone’s settings and select "Language & Region", then the Arabic option. The Pinterest app will follow your device’s language settings by default. 

Pinterest is now available in 37 languages on iOS, Android and Web.