Introducing new ways for Creators to earn money and partner with brands on Pinterest


As the platform where people come to get inspired, Pinterest provides Creators the ability to build and grow their audience in a positive environment. Today, we're launching new ways for Creators to build their business and earn money on Pinterest with the ability to make their Idea Pins shoppable, earn commissions through affiliate links, and partner with brands on sponsored content. With Idea Pin product tagging, Creators can tag their Idea Pins with any of the millions of Product Pins on Pinterest.

Idea Pins are now shoppable

Pinterest is like a massive catalog with hundreds of millions of Product Pins uploaded by retailers, ingested through a partnership with Shopify, and saved by Pinners. People come to Pinterest to shop, and that propensity increases with Idea Pins -- in fact, we found that Pinners are 89% more likely to exhibit shopping intent on products tagged in Idea Pins than on standalone Product Pins.* Now, Creators can tap into that catalog and harness that shopping intent by tagging specific products in their own Idea Pins. 

On Pinterest, Creators can reach, teach and inspire the largest audiences online of beauty enthusiasts, fashion shoppers, home sprucers, DIY weekend warriors, nightly family chefs and much more. Creators such as Fall for DIY, CHAOS by Ariel and urgalsal_ are already making their content shoppable and helping their audiences make inspired purchases. For Pinners, this means that they can now shop right from their favorite Creator’s Idea Pins and go from inspiration to purchase

Building brand partnerships


Creators with existing brand partnerships who are creating branded content have an easier way to disclose paid relationships with a new tool that will add a “paid partnerships” label to Idea Pins. 

We know many Creators have established partnerships with brands and want to highlight their branded content across Pinterest. Today, we’re introducing in beta a new paid partnerships tool that allows Creators to disclose their paid partnerships. Creators who make branded content will be able to add the brands directly in their Idea Pins, and once the brand approves the tag -- the Idea Pin will include a “paid partnership” label. This tool will make it even easier for Creators to disclose partnerships with brands and use their expertise to connect with Pinners authentically.

We’re focused on building a creator platform centered on inspiration over influence and entertainment. With these latest updates, Creators can make their content more actionable and shoppable, make a living and easily partner with brands. We’re launching the Idea Pins product tagging tool to all business accounts in the U.S. and UK and will continue rolling out access over the coming months to international creators. The paid partnerships tool is now live for select Creators in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru.


Aya Kanai, Pinterest Head of Content and Creator Partnerships

“Pinterest is the place where creators with inspiring and actionable ideas get discovered. With this latest update, we’re empowering Creators to reach millions of shoppers on the platform and monetize their work. Creators deserve to be rewarded for the inspiration they deliver to their followers, and the sales they drive for brands. Creators are central to our mission to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love, and we’ll continue working with them to build their businesses and  find success on Pinterest.” 


*Source: Pinterest Internal Data, Global, July 2021