Knit Con 2021: Pinterest’s employees celebrate inspiration, creativity and hands-on learning

Knit Con 2021

Our sixth annual Knit Con employee event has arrived and it's bigger than ever before. At Pinterest, we pride ourselves on working alongside employees who are always open to learning, creating and teaching. Our mission at Pinterest is to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love and Knit Con is our mission brought to life.

Knit Con is what happens when Pinterest’s 2500+ employees around the world stop working for two days and celebrate inspiration, creativity and hands-on learning from one another as well as Pinners and creators. The goal is that employees leave these classes with a little more knowledge on a topic that they’re interested in as well as the opportunity to more deeply connect all employees with our company mission.

Ben Silbermann, Co-founder and CEO at Pinterest

“The best part about working at Pinterest is being around incredibly creative people from multiple disciplines. What I love about Knit Con is how it gives us an opportunity to celebrate each other, not for the jobs that we hold, but for the diversity of talents we bring to the table. Every year, employees, Pinners, Creators and speakers from around the world come together to share their gifts. Once again, I couldn’t be more excited to broaden my perspectives, try new things and be creative. I know I’ll leave the experience feeling inspired, like I always do.”  

How it started and how its evolved

When Knit Con started in 2015, we wanted to make sure that Pinterest was intentional about building inspiration and connectivity into our culture, not just our product. That’s why Knit Con started as an annual two day experience of what Pinterest would look like in real life. The event has grown from a few hundred participants in San Francisco to thousands worldwide. 

Over the years we’ve tried various formats of bringing everyone together, and this year we’re trying something new - we’re going virtual. For the first time, we are bringing every office “together” for two days filled with everything from growing your own herb garden and building your own drone to effective philanthropy 101 and acrylic paint pouring to how to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

“Knit Con is special because it's a time to get to know the people you work with as just that... people. True to Pinterest, our annual event is rooted in inspiration, positivity and human connection – and I always come away from Knit Con feeling refreshed, energized and enthused by the experience. My favourite classes over the years have been learning Russian, making pasta, and experiencing hula dancing, but my favourite memories have always been of my fellow employees and just the sheer joy of trying something new. With the past year being short on human connection for so many people, having two full days to be human, to learn and to laugh really is perhaps even more special than before.” -Zoe Pearson, Head of Growth Ops, English Speaking Countries at Pinterest

KnitCon 2021

An incredible line up of teachers

This year, emotional well-being will be at the heart of many of the speakers and sessions featured at Knit Con. We’ll hear from speakers who are experts in some of the topics and conversations that represent 2020 and what’s to come in 2021. Speakers include POSE actress Dominique Jackson, CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Leena Wen, Co-founder of Black Lives Matter CA Janaya Khan and Founder of Humans of NY Brandon Stanton. 

Employees will also have the opportunity to learn alongside Pinners and creators such as how to make natural landscape tiles with Pinterest Creator Chieko Shimizu Fujoka, learning how clear mind clutter and boost brain power by speaker Andi Eaton, how to make a fruit crisp with Pinterest creator Grossy Pelosi and a class for the fanchovies with Alejandra Ramos.

“It’s always such a joy to take part in Knit Con, especially this year that we’ve all been so physically disconnected. I’m so happy to see that Pinterest still found a way to bring this moment of connection and fun to their employees. Whether in person or remote, Knit Con is truly an experience that brings to life the heart and core message of Pinterest to always champion creators, inspire new ideas, and to create a space where everyone—regardless of their daily role or skillset—is encouraged to learn and play and create, and just genuinely have fun.  A lot of companies talk about their message as it relates to their users or clients, but it’s really exciting to see how Pinterest starts from within as that ultimately is what makes a better product for everyone.” -Alejandra Ramos

- Alejandra Ramos

Create and inspire

For the first time this year, we’re adding a new component to Knit Con by encouraging employees to spend their time giving back to their local communities as an alternative way to get inspired. Our first-ever Knit Con Fund will capture a range of non-profit organizations suggested by each external speaker. If employees donate to any of these funds during the course of the two days, they’ll receive 2:1 donation matching.

Pinterest hires people who have more interests than they have time. Because our employees are talented and creative, we are able to pack hundreds of sessions over two days. And because we have continued to build a community of Pinners and creators over the years, we have more to share than ever before. Knit Con is proof that when great minds come together, anything can happen. 

“I am so excited to join Knit Con this year! Every time I get in front of Pinterest employees and share what I create on the platform, I feel so much love come back to me. I imagine they are the ultimate proud moms, and I am their favorite child (of course!). The inspiration that comes from this event is overwhelming and really speaks to the positivity of being a Creator at Pinterest.”  -Grossy Pelosi

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