Living single, buying a home, and negotiating salaries — How Pinterest is supporting & empowering women


Women around the world come to Pinterest for inspiration and guidance as they navigate all of life’s decisions. As women are expected to control almost 75% of discretionary spending worldwide by 2028,(source)*, they are turning to Pinterest to find ideas for dinner, travel and clothing choices. But it doesn’t end there.

In 2020, it’s clear that women are also looking to Pinterest for support and empowerment in their most independent and life-changing decisions. Everything from traveling solo, living (and budgeting) with a partner, negotiating a tough salary, to buying a first home — no choice is too big. This International Women’s Day, we celebrate all the ways women are using Pinterest for empowerment, as well as those who help empower and support them (we see you, allies!).

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Living Solo

With searches for embrace being single up 48% as a Pinterest 100 trend, this might just be the year women invest their time and energy into living their best lives solo.

  • Follow your own path: With women searching Pinterest for solo travel ideas (solo trip +63%), there’s no need to wait around for a travel buddy with the same wanderlust fantasies as you.

  • Ask yourself out: Searches for Solo date ideas are up 57% as women get out there to enjoy their own company. 

  • Home sweet home: With searches on how to buy your first home +124%, women are no longer waiting for the traditional family unit to get their dream home. 

Rising in the ranks

Whether it’s climbing the ladder, taking a chance with a startup idea that’s been brewing, or heading back to school, women are searching Pinterest for inspiration to take the leap. And, as the platform for positivity, women come to Pinterest for ongoing motivation for themselves, with searches for decision making activities +39% and independent woman quotes work hard +419%.

"As a female entrepreneur, I've been using Pinterest to grow traffic, generate leads and ultimately add new members to my creator community, Grow & Glow, for over a year. Consistently saving relevant and exciting content, alongside regularly sharing our free content to the platform has been a total game changer in terms of new eyes on what we do. Pinterest has enabled me to grow my business and help inspire other female entrepreneurs to pursue their business dreams"

- Vix Meldrew, Creator, Community Founder & Podcast Host


Power to the partnership

As we celebrate women, we’re also celebrating the people around her, who together, make it all happen.

"Pinterest was always the app that my partner and I turned to for interior and holiday inspiration, but since becoming parents we’ve turned to it more often than we could have imagined. From how to remove snot from our daughters nose, to recipes for fussy toddlers, creative games to play on wet and windy days and even how to keep little hands out of cupboards without turning your house into some kind of mouse trap. Pinterest is the space on the internet that we go to learn and breathe, there’s no drama just advice, inspiration and motivation."

- Carly Rowena, Personal Trainer & Fitness Blogger




Pro Tip

Make all that collaborating even easier with Group Boards, where you can organize Pins, add reactions for yes/no’s and communicate with each other right on the board.


Percent increases are calculated using normalized searches from January ‘19 to January ‘20.

*Source: Major, Nicky. “Women: The next emerging market.” Ernst & Young, 2013.