More ways to discover inspiring video on Pinterest

People come to Pinterest ready to try something new, which makes it an ideal platform for businesses to feature helpful products and services, how-to videos and tutorials, and to tell an interesting brand story.

Brands and Creators like L'Oréal UK, Culture Trip, AlphaFoodie, and John Lewis & Partners are using video to spark inspiration and tell the story of their brands. In fact, searches for “inspirational videos” have increased 31%¹ since last year. 

Today, we’re introducing new video features for Creators and businesses to reach their audiences including an improved uploader, video tab, lifetime analytics, and Pin scheduling.



How to make the most of video on Pinterest

An updated video uploader enables businesses and Creators to seamlessly upload video directly to Pinterest to engage with new and existing audiences. 

A new video tab on business profiles makes it possible for brands to feature all their videos in one place for added discovery.

On Pinterest, videos surface and resurface over time and don’t disappear with a feed, meaning the lifespan of a video is evergreen. We’re introducing new video analytics for businesses to view lifetime views, so they can get insights into the performance of their video over time.

Businesses and Creators can now also schedule video content in advance through the Pin Scheduler tool

With Pinterest video features, UK retail brand John Lewis & Partners has helped boost brand awareness by 20% and increased purchase intent by 33%, according to a Millward Brown Brand Uplift Study.


"The addition of Video Pins has allowed us to take our travel inspiration and visual storytelling to a whole new level on Pinterest. Whether it's revealing a cutting-edge Japanese art collective or the mouth-watering confections of a dessert cafe that's put its neighbourhood on the map, this new functionality has proven to be a goldmine of user engagement, delivering some of our highest impression numbers across all of Culture Trip's social platforms."

- Mike Fox, CMO, Culture Trip.

Culture Trip Pin

Videos related to interest

Sometimes you don’t know what’s possible until you see it from start to finish, whether it’s a hair braiding tutorial, nailing a metallic eyeliner, layered cauliflower biryani, vegan strawberry rose tart, stuffed courgette flowers, or homemade easy falafel.

With more features for businesses to bring video to Pinterest, Pinners can discover an increasing number of how-to videos related to their interests, particularly in the areas of food (video searches for lasagna recipes are up 3462%¹), style, beauty, and learning a new skills.

More trending¹ searched videos on Pinterest include:

The same personalisation and relevance that bring Pins to your feed are at work with video too. That means when you’re looking for dinner recipes, or makeup for your specific style, related videos and even products will appear along the way.

The latest video updates are now available for business accounts in all English-speaking countries, and starting to roll out to Creators all over the world.

¹ Percent increases are calculated using normalized searches from April 2018 to April 2019.