More ways to search outside the box

Sometimes you fall in love with something on Pinterest, but you don’t know how to track it down in real life. That’s why we’ve been building visual discovery features to help you find things when you don’t have the words to describe them.

We recently brought Search and Lens to your home feed, so you can get to it easily when you first open your Pinterest app. Now we’re adding a few more ways to find exactly what you’re looking for, directly from the Pin close-up.


Pinch to zoom in on a Pin

Lots of Pins have all kinds of good stuff in them, and sometimes you want to get a closer look at every inch. From today, you can zoom in on anything you see in a Pin. So, next time you spot a pair of shoes you love, pinch to zoom in on all of the details, such as the texture and colour. 

Pinterest Zoom

People have been telling us they’d love to be able to zoom in on Pins – it’s one of our top requested features. That’s why we’re excited to bring it to iPhone and iPad (all of you Androiders will be seeing it soon!).


Visual search gets better and better

Lots of people have been using our visual search tool to find related products and ideas inside Pins. In fact, visual searches on Pinterest have grown by 60 percent over the last year.

We’ve made some improvements to the tool based on feedback we’ve received from Pinners. We've updated the button so it’s clearer, especially for people who are new to Pinterest, and we've moved it so it’s a little easier to reach. And it’s working too – in early tests of the improved button, nearly 70 percent more people used the visual search tool. 

Pinterest Flashlight

Don’t forget, you can also perform visual searches around the web using the Pinterest Save buttonfor your browser.

We’re always looking for new ways to help you discover ideas you love on Pinterest. Give zoom and the visual search tool a go – we can’t wait to see what you find!

– Kate Allchin, UK Content & Community Manager, currently saving ideas to Lisbon