New! Easily find Pins that you saved for later

Healthy meals sort

Your Pinterest profile is your place to save ideas for later. It’s like your own personal library of all the things you love and want to try. But it isn’t always as easy as it should be to find those Pins later. Sometimes you forget which board a Pin’s on, even when you just Pinned it.

We know how frustrating it can be when ideas you save get lost in the depths of your profile. So we’ve made some improvements to help you find and sort your Pins in a more intuitive way.

Healthy Meals Board

Recent Pins are right at the top

We’ve noticed that people tend to search for Pins they’ve added in the last month, so we’ve made it really easy to get right to your most recent Pins.

Browse your Pins by topic

Once you have enough Pins, your profile will start showing you the topics you Pin about most, giving you a glimpse of the kinds of colours, cuisines, designers and other stuff you’re into these days. Just tap to see all of the Pins you saved for each topic.

Health Meals Pin

You’ll see topic filters for all of your Pins and individual boards. So, if you’ve saved a ton of Pins to your Healthy Eating board, you can now get cooking faster by filtering your recipes by "salad", "avocado" and more.

Find specific boards and Pins quickly

You can view your boards according to when you Pinned to them last, or alphabetically. Or just do a quick search to find a specific board or Pin. If you’re looking for your Likes, they’re now right there with your boards.

Look for the new profile on your iPhone and Android starting today!

- Lizzie Sibley, currently Pinning to A Beautiful Bedroom