New features enhance teen safety on Pinterest

Today, we’re announcing a suite of updates to features that will expand the ways that we’re protecting our users’ personal space. These new features, which will begin rolling out this week, will include the launch of private profiles, more control over your followers, improved options for collaborating only with people that you know, and the ability for parents to easily opt in and out of a parental passcode for teens.

Expanded private profiles

Pinners aged 16 and over will be able to opt in to a private or public profile. Once private, you will still be able to connect with your friends and family by sending them a unique profile link. Private profiles are not discoverable by others on the platform, and will remain the default and only option for teens under the age of 16.

More control over followers

You will have even more control over who gets to follow you. For teens under the age of 16, followers will be removed so that they can decide who gets to follow them and only collaborate with people that they trust. In addition, all users will be able to review and remove followers.

Message and collaborate with the people that you trust

We’re implementing even more ways to help you make decisions about who can and can’t contact you. Messaging and group boards will be available to all users, as long as you give them permission. Teens under the age of 16 will only be able to send and receive messages from mutual followers who have been accepted through a unique profile link that expires after three days, or when they get five new followers with the shareable link, whichever comes first.



Parental passcode update 

Parents and caregivers already have the ability to require a passcode for their teen to change certain account settings. We are giving caregivers the ability to easily opt in and out of the parental passcode and update the protected settings on their teen’s account. Additional information on how to change permissions and more resources for caregivers can be found in our Help Centre.


Our mission is to provide everyone with the inspiration to create a life that they love. We’ll continue to enhance our product features to ensure that teens can continue to thrive in a safe and positive environment.