Oh, How Pinteresting!


Hey Pinners!

We usually start our mornings here at the Pinterest headquarters with a cup of coffee and jumping on Pinterest to see what you, the Pinterest community, are talking or energised about. We’re in awe of the pins and boards we come across and love sharing these #pinspirations around the office with each other at lunch, in meetings, or while talking to other pinemployees in the hallways.

Here’s a quick look into what we’ve been talking about around the office:

Become widely read with Penguin Book’s Books We Love:

Bringing the outdoors, indoors with a little help from Nature In The Home:

Learning how to make puppets of all shapes and sizes with Sara:

How to de-clutter and organise yourselves with a helping hand from Antonia:

We’re eager to see what inspires you this year!

—Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Life is Funny