Our H2 2022 Global Transparency Report

Our mission is to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love, while ensuring that
people have a safe and positive experience on our platform. We know that not everything on the internet is inspiring, so our mission serves as our foundation for drafting and enforcing our
content policies.

Today we’re publishing our latest Global Transparency Report, covering the second half of 2022. First published in 2013, our biannual transparency report now features more than 400
distinct data points on our content moderation and enforcement practices as we continue to
evolve our approach to keep up with new trends and behaviours.

The latest report covers our moderation and enforcement efforts spanning more than a dozen
content categories, including a new breakdown of how Pinterest limits and removes content and accounts that encourage or promote dangerous actors, groups or activities through our long-standing Violent Actors policy. In addition, the report highlights how Pinterest works with outside experts and organisations to inform our policies and content moderation, as well as how we continually develop our technologies to fight policy-violating content on our platform.

The report also shares new data surrounding our industry-leading Climate Misinformation policy, which launched in April 2022 to keep false and misleading claims around climate change off the platform. We are committed to combating misinformation and sharing trusted resources with our users on important topics such as climate change and sustainability.

From prohibiting harmful misinformation and political ads to investing in policies, products and
partnerships that support emotional well-being, Pinterest is leading by example. We are
committed to providing greater transparency into how we keep Pinterest safe and positive and will continue to iterate on this report going forward.