People are turning to Pinterest in search of ways to practice self-love


People come to Pinterest to find positive inspiration to create a life they love. As the pandemic essentially triggered a mental health movement, with rising searches for new forms of practices to take care of themselves and heal from the past year.

While February is typically a time to celebrate love, people are increasingly interested to find ways to love themselves as search increases for “how to love myself” (6x)¹ and “how to heal yourself” (4x) trending upward significantly on Pinterest over the past several months.

Swasti Sarna, Insights Manager

"People have always come to Pinterest to discover different ways to practice mindfulness or meditation and to find mental wellness inspiration. Since last year, searches for  ‘mental health check in’ (12x),  ‘healthy mindset quotes’ (5x), and  ‘accepting yourself’ (+40%) all continue to rise. It seems people are finding stability within themselves more as the outside world becomes less predictable."


Ways to Practice Self-Love

As we are spending more time indoors, searches related to expressing emotions through art have increased significantly. 

New ways to practice wellness include:



  1.  Painting: The term “mental health painting” has doubled compared to last year.
  2. Journaling: Journaling is also a popular technique with searches for “mental health journaling” up 10x. 
  3. Self love practices: Pinners are in search of inspirational quotes to be less critical and appreciate themselves, with searches for “self love quotes” 7x greater and “self acceptance quotes” up 80% compared to last year

Pinterest Creator Leal Alexander

“If the last year has taught me anything it’s that it isn’t selfish to prioritise yourself - self love is so important, especially when you’re stuck with your mind all day. I’ve also learned that it’s okay to take time out and not always be productive. Pinterest has consistently been the platform I go to when I want to do that, it’s my virtual scrapbook of inspiration and future goals.”

Pinterest Creator Aubrey Daquinag

“It’s important for me because self-love as a topic seems to surface around on the internet with little to almost none of what I believe is a true honest conversation about the love of self. There’s the side that’s packaged up as facials, bubble baths, and the like, and whilst I do love those things, it’s far from the deep, sometimes intimidating, heavy-yet-oh-so-rewarding inner work that I wholeheartedly feel true self-love is. Pinterest allows me to reach new audiences to share my message and mission to help women re-discover their inner power and connect with their most confident true self to design a life they love. When you practice deep self-love it will allow you to not only get to know and connect with yourself but you will learn how to trust yourself more, say no to self-sabotaging, show up with more mental clarity, take care of your emotional well-being, and live life more aligned with a happy and fulfilled heart." - Aubrey Daquinag, Published Author + Photographer of WANDER LOVE and Life & Empowerment Coach

Committed to being an inspiration platform

Pinterest is committed to not only serve inspiring content, but also to identify and prevent harmful content including misinformation and hate speech to protect Pinners and support Pinterest’s mission of inspiration. Our priority has always been to create a positive and inspiring place for Pinners so we remove or limit distribution of false or misleading content that may harm Pinners’ or the public’s well-being. Additionally, Pinterest offers a variety of emotional well-being activities Pinners can do right from the Pinterest app by simply searching for #pinterestwellbeing to jump into exercises for feeling gratitude and self-compassion, along with other interactive practices that could help improve their mood.

¹Trends are calculated by comparing normalized searches in December ‘20 to December ‘19; global.