Pinterest 100: The top trends for 2019

Pinterest 100 for 2019

It’s that time of year again—welcome to your sneak peek into the official 100 Pinterest trends for 2019! Pinterest is its own positive corner of the Internet, where more than 250 million people around the world come to discover new ideas to try. If an idea keeps getting more and more searches each month? And that upward trajectory holds steady for 6+ months? That’s how we know it’s a trend.

Pinterest trends are unlike anything else out there. This is what some of the world’s most style-inspired, parenting-passionate, well-travelled, food-smart people are dreaming about for the year ahead. In a time when so much seems to divide us, these ideas represent what we share in common—from everyday inspiration to the epic dreams we plan for someday in the future.

Travel: Off the beaten path

More than two times more travellers use Pinterest vs. top online travel agency sites.1 For 2019, they’re coming here to dream up new ways to travel, from atypical destinations to unusual (and more earth-friendly) modes of transport.

P100 2019 Travel Image

No man’s island: Majorca no more! Instead, people are diverting to less-travelled islands for that rare pura vida experience. (Searches for less travelled islands +179%)

Destination unknown: Gather a group, clear their calendars, keep the location hush-hush, and practise shouting “Surprise!” (Searches for surprise destination +192%)

The autumn colours are a’ changin’: Sipping hot cider, peeping and stomping autumnal’s no wonder people are falling for autumn getaways. (Searches for autumn scenery +94%)

Hot springs have sprung: People are finding restoration and relaxation in hot springs—from high-end resorts to out in nature. (Searches for hot springs +32%)

Game of stones:  Travellers are choosing to avoid the queues at Versailles and are seeking out divine, derelict and dilapidated castles. (Searches for abandoned castles +142%)

All’s fare in bus travel: Whether it’s a one-day tour or getting from Caracas to Patagonia, thrifty travellers are boarding the bus. (Searches for bus travel +32%)

Oh Rio, Rio: The Summer Olympics may be over, but Rio’s still got the sand, the city and carnaval. (Searches for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil +142%)

Out-of-the-way towns: People are seeking out small towns for their bucolic views, unique B&Bs and low-key R&R. (Searches for small town travel +276%)

A wheelie good tour: Both cycling enthusiasts and casual peddlers are trying bike tours—plus, all that cardio means more cheese-eating en route. (Searches for bike tours +64%)

Waste not, jaunt not: “Zero waste travel” means strategic and sustainable packing, eating and even hotel-ing. (Searches for zero waste travel +74%)

Health and wellness: What comes naturally

Pinterest is where people come to reconnect with themselves and try something new, without worrying about who else Likes it. So it’s fitting “self care” (+140% in searches) is the big theme in health and wellness for 2019—including new trends in eating, exercising and sleeping.

P100 Health and Wellness Image 2019

Bring on the bakuchiol: Bakuchiol, the natural, gentler alternative to retinol, is the clear-skin choice among skincare buffs. (Searches for bakuchiol +275%)

Respect your elders: Elderberries are on the rise thanks to their healthy and anti-inflammatory effects. (Searches for elderberry recipes +685%)

The great indoors: Flexible bands that can strengthen your whole body? Sounds like an irresistible way to exercise indoors. (Searches for band workouts +1913%)

Natural ginger: People are getting back to their roots by using the soothing oil for baths, massages and even condiments. (Searches for ginger oil +659%)

Healthy habits: Diligent diners are using nutrition plans to be more mindful about what they eat. (Searches for nutrition plans +475%)

Bee earth friendly: No more cling film! Get stung by the freshest zero-waste trend: reusable beeswax wraps. (Searches for beeswax wraps +146%)

Getting very sleepy: Turns out the way to sleep like a log is to keep a sleep log—just one of many sleep-ish ideas to try. (Searches for sleep optimization +116%)

Dry idea: People are ditching the alcohol and opting for a life of sobriety, turning to Pinterest for motivational quotes and non-alcoholic drink ideas. (Searches for sober living +746%)

DIY goat soap: The “greatest of all time” goat milk soap is easy to make, and gives a gentle, moisturising clean. (Searches for goat milk soap +231%)

Cape not included: Add matcha, maca and other superfood powders to juice or a smoothie for a superhero boost. (Searches for super powders +144%)

Hobbies and interests: Do what you love

With 8 billion hobby and interest Pins to choose from, there’s almost no end to what people will find when they go looking for some side project inspiration. And more than one Pinner has become so successful that they transformed their side project into their full-time dream job.

P100 Hobbies 2019 Images

Do the hustle: People are turning their passions into profits—from candle-making to DJing to online tutoring. (Searches for side hustles at home +690%)

From tree to taco: Gardeners don’t need their own farm to make their own guacamole, all they need is soil, patience and how-to instructions. (Searches for how to grow an avocado tree +101%)

The shipwright stuff: Rather than wait for boats to go on sail, crafty captains are building their own. Just watch out for icebergs! (Searches for boat building +169%)

Easy saves: Weekly savings planners are helping people to cut back on spending, pay off debt and even save up for something nice. (Searches for 52 week savings plan +295%)

Pour one out: Embrace your inner Jackson Pollock with simple DIY drip-and-pour acrylic painting. (Searches for acrylic pour painting +660%)

Rust never sleeps: Photographers around the world are snapping the overgrown, peeling beautiful mess of decaying buildings. (Searches for urban decay photography +44%)

Sketchy behaviour: Half journal, half canvas and 100% inspiration, a well-loved sketchbook is any artist’s must-have. (Searches for sketchbooks +513%)

Clay okay: Ceramics have been a thing since Ancient Mesopotamia. But in 2019, handmade plates and bowls are really kiln it. (Searches for ceramic pottery +475%)

Corpus canvas: Body painting is a low-commitment way to try out a tat—so get some skin in the game! (Searches for body painting +444%)

Chalk couture: Everyone’s using our fave artistic sedimentary rock, for everything from standout signage to colouring concrete. (Searches for chalk art +664%)

Celebrations: Momentous moments

When it comes to get-togethers, Pinterest has all the ideas people need. Invitations, decorations, food, drinks, cake, photo props, outfit inspiration—it’s all right here. You’ll even find new ways and reasons to celebrate.

P100 Celebrations Images

The little things: From impromptu picnics to mini getaways, no moment is too small to celebrate. (Searches for mini moment celebrations +113%)

Bake a wish: Here’s a cake trend you can count on: Number-shaped cakes are on the rise in 2019. (Searches for number cakes +314%)

Party in the back: Back garden weddings keep things cosy and cost-friendly (and are a great incentive to finish weeding). (Searches for garden  wedding +441%)

Full moon fun: Gather up those night owl friends for an evening of stargazing and moonlight (Searches for moon gatherings +54%)

Photobomb: Smoke bombs of every colour add big drama to wedding, engagement and just-for-fun photos. (Searches for smoke bomb photography +436%)

Say it in neon: People are celebrating their biggest life moments with personal messages spelled out in lights. (Searches for neon wedding sign +281%)

Godparent proposals: People are giving their baby’s prospective godparents an offer they’re unlikely to refuse. (Searches for godparent proposals +152%)

New gold standard: Brides are going for gold as they glide and shimmer their way down the aisle. (Searches for gold wedding gowns +1552%)

Garland ho!: Draped over the table, swagged around the ceiling or lined up together like a curtain, flower garlands are everywhere. (Searches for flower garland +1154%)

Doughnut decor: People are going nuts for doughnuts as colourfully edible party displays—raised, old fashioned and sprinkled. (Searches for doughnut decor +748%)

Food: Veggie tables

Food brings us all together—around the table, around the world. And with 23 billion recipes and dining ideas to discover, Pinterest has got you covered from breakfast to late-night snack attacks. What’s on the menu for 2019? Healthy, sustainable meals with unusual ingredients.

P100 Food Image

The mighty mushroom: Nutrient-packed mushrooms are springing up everywhere from coffee drinks to chocolate bars. (Searches for mushroom recipes +64%)

Going pegan: Part paleo, part vegan, the pegan diet is taking root with people on the hunt for healthy habits. (Searches for eating pegan +337%)

Amazing graze: Family-style grazing tables are a feast for the eyes, and an open invitation for everyone to dig in. (Searches for grazing tables +163%)

Recipes you knead: Bread baking is on the rise, especially when it comes to fermented loaves like sourdough. (Searches for baking bread +413% from last year)

Inspired infusions: A slice of ginger makes the water go down, and adds digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits, too. (Searches for ginger water +353%)

Pin the oxtail: People are hungry for oxtail recipes they can try at home—especially if they’re slow cooker-friendly. (Searches for oxtail recipes +209%)

Din tin tin: Foil pack dinner recipes are perfect for busy cooks: Low-prep, low-mess, super flavourful. (Searches for foil pack dinners +759%)

Jam on it: A toast to homemade jam, from raspberry to blackberry to whatever-you-got-berry. (Searches for homemade jam +829%)

Move over almond milk: Everyone’s new favourite dairy-alternative oat milk is delicious and environmentally friendly. Vegan too! (Searches for oat milk +186%)

Pass the chocho: People won’t get bored of this versatile gourd. A superfood, chayote (“chocho”) complements all kinds of cuisines. (Searches for chayote recipes +76%)

Home: Living colour

People use Pinterest to get their houses feeling more like home. Homebodies come looking for everything from day-to-day DIY projects (83% of home searches) to remodels, landscaping and other monumental undertakings (60%).2

P100 Home Image

No paint, no gain: Don’t tear up that tile: People are painting their parquet floors with bold colours and mosaic patterns. (Searches for painted floor tiles +1276%)

Switching to ’metric: If you’re angling for a wall refresh, try painting colourful geometric shapes. (Searches for geometric paint +225%)

Spinning yarns: People are wrapping up their walls—and themselves—in fabric for a textured, artsy aesthetic. (Searches for textile art +1718%)

Rebel yellow: Embrace bold mustard yellow walls, or try out small accents for a colourful pop. It’s a must! (Searches for mustard yellow +45%)

Grow up the wall: Vertical gardens are on the rise for people looking for some floor-to-ceiling green in their lives. (Searches for vertical gardens +287%)

Get tinspired: Give your room some vintage style: From backsplashes to wallpaper, tin is in! (Searches for tin interiors +563%)

Paper beats paint: Bold wallpaper (tropical leaves! bright prints!) makes a big statement and breathes life into rooms big and small. (Searches for bold print wallpaper +401%)

Creative cacti: Grab a cactus (ouch!) and celebrate any occasion with well-composed succulents. (Searches for cactus arrangements +235%)

Fired up: Indoor and outdoor fireplaces are heating up—the more modern and sleek, the better. (Searches contemporary fireplace +763%)

Pool your resources: All the perks of a swimming pool, and none of that chlorine eye-sting. (Searches for natural swimming pools +262%)

Men’s style: Old meets new

One reason people find it so easy to find ideas they love on Pinterest is that everything's visual—no need to know exactly what something’s called to search for it. Then just click on those corduroys to find out where to buy them, or show your barber the fade you want and let them do their thing.

P100 Men's Style Image

Wash me: Welcome back, light-wash denim! (The ’90s called. They said, “you’re welcome.”) (Searches for light washed denim +70%)

It’s a sling thing: Carry the weight of just the essentials on one shoulder, sling-bag style. (Searches for sling bags +1184%)

The slick of time: Guys are looking classically cool around the clock with throwback wristwatches. (Searches for vintage watches +98%)

Clash with class: Plaid and polka dots? Tartan and toile? Mixing prints is the new power move. (Searches for mismatched prints +89%)

Vive le fade: People are buzzing about this trim for good reason: It’s neat, tidy and timeless. (Searches for french crop haircuts +84%)

Corduroy of course: 2019 is the Year of Corduroy, from comfortable weekend trousers to professorial blazers. (Searches for corduroy +507%)

Bottom’s Up: Men in flood-ready cropped trousers are showing off ankle and flashes of fashionable sock. (Searches for cropped trousers +671%)

Scarf it up: Plain or patterned, scarves are keeping necks warm and men looking stylish. (Searches for neck scarves +29%)

Look rad in plaid: It’s hip to wear squares. Prep-school plaid trousers can be dressed up or down, mixed or matched. (Searches for plaid trousers +267%)

No more no-shows: Sock it to ’em with quarter socks. Try a pop of colour or a fun print for fancier ankles. (Searches for quarter socks +266%)

Women’s style: Patterns of sustainability

Women come to Pinterest for looks that match their unique style, whether they’re heading out to brunch or a day at work (70% of style searches) or prepping for their next spectacular va-voom special occasion (60%).3

P100 2019 Women's Style Image

Just kente get enough: From dashikis to cocktail dresses, African wax prints and kitenges look stunning on every continent. (Searches for african print fashion +229%)

Up your shell game: Hares beware: slow and steady wins the race with these versatile, sophisticated tortoise earrings. (Searches for tortoise earrings +679%)

Slay in your lane: People are riding high on bike shorts, for everything from workout wear to statement wear. (Searches for biker shorts +1323%)

Wrap stars: cosy, chic robe silhouettes mean never having to choose between comfort and style again. (Searches for robe silhouettes +689%)

Mod squad: People are going from zero to incognito in an instant with beautifully blocky oval sunglasses. (Searches for oval sunglasses +591%)

That bamboo you do: Stay connected to nature by carrying all the essentials in a striking, structured handbag. (Searches for bamboo bags +2215%)

Ruche hour: Flatteringly gathered gowns, trousers and coats are sending ripples through the style world in 2019. (Searches for rouche +108%)

Say it with sneakers: Finally feet get the starring role they deserve, supported by kickin’ colours and lit laces. (Searches for statement sneakers +2211%)

Second skin: Step aside, leopard print! This hypnotic pattern just slithered into the lead (and tights and skirts and...). (Searches for snake print +642%)

Ethical threads: Rentable looks and recycled materials make for world-stopping looks that don’t punish the planet. (Searches for sustainable fashion +34%)

Beauty: Standout shine

2019 is about mixing natural styles with pows of gloss and colour. And women from all different cultures, with all different skin tones, are coming to Pinterest to find ideas to try—and they’re 2.4x more likely to experiment with different makeup vs. women on other platforms. 4

P100 Beauty Image

Hooray for grey: People are growing out their natural grey hair and letting that silver shine through. (Searches for going gray +879%)

Big bang theory: The next big thing in fringes? Baby bangs. In 2019, the just-above-brow crop is making the cut. (Searches for cropped bangs +51%)

Dip in: Wave goodbye to chipped nails! Powder dipping lasts longer than traditional gels, and is way easier to remove. (Searches for powder dip nails +442%)

Ooh-la-lashes: People are giving their lashes a lift with natural solutions—think grapeseed oil and aloe vera. (Searches for natural lash lifts +52%)

Just like magic: It may sound like sorcery, but old-school witch hazel is gaining popularity as a skincare solution. (Searches for witch hazel +305%)

Go glossy: Gloss is helping make people’s best features shine—from lips to lids. (Searches for glossy makeup +89%)

The standout pout: Smart mouths everywhere are pairing barely there makeup with a bold red kisser for added attention. (Searches for standout lip colour +467%)

Almond joy: Here’s a nutty new manicure trend: almond nails, named for the rounded shape of the nut. (Searches for almond nails +97%)

The next exfoliant: People are lathering up with gentle liquid exfoliators for brighter, smoother skin. (Searches for liquid exfoliator +58%)

Lilac locks: Prepare to see lots of lilac in 2019—this pretty pastel hair colour trend is growing fast. (Searches for lilac hair +1077%)

Kids and parenting: Modern family

When it comes to parenting, it’s hard to know what’s most important: giving the kids an inspiring space to grow up, or just getting them to sleep. Either way, 56% of parents on Pinterest say it is their go-to spot to learn about parenting ideas and products, and 81% say they couldn’t live without it. 5

P100 Parenting Image

Rustic touches: Parents are adding just a touch of rough and worn to that warm and soft nursery. (Searches for rustic nursery ideas +136%)

Share the love: Toy-sharing subscriptions mean less waste, and offer kids a steady supply of new distractions. (Searches for toy share subscriptions +313%)

For the record: Get every inch and pound of those vital birth stats printed up to hang in the nursery. (Searches for birth stats sign +315%)

Hunt and gather: Scavenger hunts bring the party to life, and help burn off all that sugar. (Searches for birthday scavenger hunt +302%)

Lost in the woods: Enchanted forest parties with toadstool chairs, indoor trees, fairy garlands? And they all lived happily ever after. (Searches for enchanted forest party theme +238%)

Listen up: Parents are opting for audiobooks vs. screens to get kids into storytime (and off to sleep). (Searches for audio storytellers +126%)

Smart sleepers: Auto-rocking, white-noise-playing bassinets soothe babies off to sleep and save parents some winks, too. (Searches for smart bassinets +851%)

Tiny house beds: Frame up more fun with a transitional toddler bed your kiddo can call home. (Searches for house frame floor beds +90%)

Messy no more: Stylish geometric patterns and shapes are making their way into the kid’s room. (Searches for geometric decor +1178%)

Breast pump ever: No chords, no bottles. Just hands-free breast pumping on the go...finally! (Searches for wireless breast pump +114%)

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Trend calculation: YoY% increases are calculated using normalized searches on each trend from January - September 2017 to January - September 2018