Pinterest reveals that 2023 wedding trends will be unconventional: Gen Z styles and budget ideas


After years of downsizing and delays due to the global pandemic, weddings are back with a bang, and people are coming to Pinterest to discover new ideas for the 2023 wedding season! With more than 2 billion wedding ideas on the platform, unique features such as collaborative boards and inclusive products such as ‘hair pattern search’, ‘AR try on, and ‘skin tone ranges’, help people to find inspiration that reflects who they are.

Pinterest is the ultimate wedding planner— helping Pinners to find and create what inspires them. And for wedding planners on Pinterest, 60% say that it’s the first place they go when planning a wedding. According to Zola—an American online wedding registry, wedding planner and retailer, which has the largest online community of actively engaged and planning couples—Pinterest is the #1 source of wedding inspiration for Zola couples, with 75% saying that it is a major source of inspiration for them, even in a sea of social media options. 

From trending themes and top-shopped dresses to fresh bouquets and travel, Pinterest has identified the overall theme of the biggest wedding trends of the year based on what Pinners are searching for and saving to their boards; the unconventional wedding.

The unconventional wedding

Our insights show that given the current economic climate, Pinners are searching for non-traditional, alternative wedding ideas that showcase their individuality and are cost-conscious. Increased searches over the past year for ‘underwater wedding’ (+305%), along with ‘barbie wedding theme’ (+140%), ‘colourful wedding veil’ (+260%) and ‘leaf confetti’ (+105%) show how Pinners are looking for ways to deviate from the ‘norm’ associated with wedding traditions, to create a wedding that reflects their unique values and interests—all within their budget. Also, as we predicted in our annual Pinterest Predicts report, rust continues to be a major colour in weddings this year with searches for ‘emerald green and rust wedding’ increasing by 1050%.

Cost effective and creative

Gen Z Pinners are redefining tradition and looking for cost-effective, creative ways to have fun. Searches for ‘anti-bride wedding’ and ‘butterfly bouquet’ increased 490% and 5535% respectively. Additionally, they are adding a trendy Y2K flare to alternative bouquets while the top rising flower by them is a timeless classic: Baby’s breath (+610%).

Enhance unique beauty

With the most inspirational content and inclusive beauty features, Pinterest is the best place for planning the wedding look that brings out the unique beauty in everyone. With boards for ‘ethereal make-up’ increasing 845%, the skin tone ranges feature helps Pinners to find beauty inspiration that matches their skin tone, and if there is an eyeshadow or lipstick that Pinners like, they can see how it looks on them with AR try on. Additionally, hair pattern search helps Pinners to find hairstyle inspiration for their hair types. These Pinterest features are helping wedding planning Pinners to enhance their beauty on their special day. 

Guests and bridal party

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses and re-imagined monochromatic themes for the bridal party are on the rise, with an increase in searches for ‘mismatched black bridesmaid dresses’ (+535%) and ‘all different bridesmaids dresses’ (+520%). Wedding guest outfits are also a major focus for Pinners. Searches for ‘wedding guest outfit inspiration’ increased by a whopping 3800% and boards titled ‘wedding guest dress’ doubled in the past year, indicating that more and more people are looking for wedding outfit inspiration on Pinterest.

No matter one’s style or budget, Pinterest is giving brides, grooms and guests the inspiration to create a personalised wedding experience.


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