Pinterest visual discovery across the Samsung Galaxy S8

The magic of Pinterest is that anything you see leads to more ideas you love, whether you’re on Pinterest, browsing around the web or out Lensing the world around you.

And now that same visual discovery experience is coming to the hugely anticipated Galaxy S8 from Samsung.


So many ways to find related ideas

Soon you’ll be able to access billions of Pinterest ideas from every corner of your Galaxy S8. Any new pic you snap with your camera, photo in your photo gallery, screenshot you take, any image in your mobile browser... they’re all a jumping off point for finding related ideas on Pinterest, from recommendations for similar products to ways to bring the idea, recipe or style to life.

To see results powered by Pinterest, just open up Samsung’s Bixby Vision and tap the image search button.

So if you see a pair of boots you like, now you can do a Pinterest image search to discover similar styles and even get ideas for what to wear them with. Or give it a try with fabric patterns, interesting tiles, wall art or recipe ingredients and see what ideas turn up.


Available globally

The Galaxy S8 with Pinterest visual discovery will be available around the world soon!

– Andreas Lieber, Head of Consumer Business Development, is currently discovering cars.