Pinterest Wedding Trends 2019: Minimal, Natural, and Personal


The forms of marriage are evolving around the world and so are the ideas of what a perfect wedding looks like. There are billions of wedding ideas on Pinterest and Pinners around the world come here to find inspiration for their special day that reflect them. This year’s trends show that there’s an increasing desire to keep things simpler and more personal, rather than spending a fortune to tie the knot. Especially ideas for small budget-friendly wedding ideas (+80%) are on the rise on Pinterest, After all, marriage is about the couple - and Pinners around the world are focusing more and more on what actually makes them happy.

Just the two of us

Pinners are searching for ideas to celebrate their marriage intimately with fewer guests or even just by themselves. Elopement photography ideas (+128%) have become more popular as many Pinners search for ways to capture an intimate and romantic getaway. An evolving concept of elopement is a destination wedding. Unique locations such as destination weddings in the mountains (+32%) are fun (and hard to get to) surroundings to celebrate intimately with fewer guests.

Closer to nature

Millennials are known to value experiences over things and as more people of this generation are starting to get married, we are seeing simple and minimal wedding ideas becoming more popular on Pinterest. According to a Pinterest study, Millennials and Gen Z Pinners are twice as likely to care about sustainability than Pinners over 38, so it is no surprise that searches for sustainable wedding ideas have increased by 181%. People care about the planet and are seeking to connect with nature, hence many are looking for ideas to get married outdoors - even in their own backyards for a more natural, effortless, and relaxed wedding day.

Popular outdoor wedding searches include:

Embrace who you are

People use Pinterest to discover the things they love and to find inspiration for their lives, - it’s not about what others ‘like’, but what you like and want. So when it comes to weddings, Pinners are looking even more for ideas to celebrate their big day in a way that feels natural and embrace their true selves.

Celebrating your culture

Of the top 100 trending search terms, 30% of them belong to multicultural weddings, such as wedding hijab styles, Nigerian weddings, and South Indian weddings. And so far this year, the top searched wedding dresses around the world reflect the theme of taking it easy.


1. Ratio of searches on sustainability for Gen Z (defined as ages 13 to 23) and Millennials (defined as ages 24-38) each was twice as high as ratio of searches on sustainability for Pinners over 38.

2.P100 trends are calculated using normalized searches on each trend from January - September 2017 to January - September 2018

3. Trends are calculated using normalized searches from December 2017 to December 2018