Pinterest browser extension

The Pin It button is how you save anything you want for later. Recipes, articles, project ideas… whenever you spot something you want to try one day, you just Pin It and it’s saved.

And now we’ve made some big improvements to how Pinning works.

It’s really clear

Each Pin is a visual bookmark. And the improved new Pin selector makes it easy to decide exactly what you want to save.

You get there in half the number of clicks

Now, when you Pin something you’ve found on the web, or you save a Pin on Pinterest, all it takes is a couple of clicks and it’s saved. It’s also easier than ever to find (or create) the board you want to save your Pin on.

Keep your eyes peeled for these new and improved Pinning options next time you save something on the web. We hope you enjoy the changes!

-Zoe Pearson, Marketing Manager, currently Pinning to Window Box Garden