Travel Report 2018

Part of the joy of taking a trip is the planning and anticipation leading up to departure. Some studies have even shown that the planning process can bring as much happiness as the trip itself.

People come to Pinterest to plan their travels and find inspiration throughout the year, discovering endless possibilities for places to explore next – from staycation fun near home to one-day getaways or extended sabbaticals. And we've got more than four billion travel ideas on Pinterest to help get them there.

Travel trends

People are looking forward to long weekends (+167%) – near or far – as the next opportunity to travel is always just round the corner. They’re also building sightseeing stopovers (+90%) into their itineraries as a way to explore even more cities with their business and leisure trips.

With an always-on attitude towards trip planning, travel lovers are seeking more solo (ad)ventures (+593%), feeling less of a need to wait for family, friends or significant others to be ready to hit the road.

People are also looking beyond the big cities and discovering small town destinations (+94%) and secret spots (+83%) off the beaten track. These trips are ideal for soaking up the local culture (a trend from our Pinterest 100 forecast for 2018) and creating experiences that are truly personal and unique.

Living like a local isn’t just about checking out the local haunts, but also treating holiday destinations like home. Saves for eco hotels (+125%) are on the rise, with people looking to minimise the footprint of their globetrotting.

A world of eats (and drinks)

Meals are becoming the main attraction for travellers looking to sample world-famous fare (restaurant guides +207%), but these food-fuelled plans aren’t without challenges for some trip-takers. Diet-friendly food guides for vegetarians (+218%) and vegans (+183%) are seeing a surge in popularity, with people looking to eat adventurously but within their own restrictions.

People are heading to vineyards and tasting rooms around the world. Saves for wine trips are up by more than 119%.

Planes, trains and water mobiles

Rail passes are a well-established mode of transport around Europe and other regions, but we’re seeing a rise in train travel (+136%) as a way to get out of the big cities, explore the countryside and enjoy small town stops.

River cruises were a highlight of our Pinterest 100 predictions, and we’re seeing a rising tide for boating (+136%) of all types. From exploring coastline caves to scoping sea life, now’s the time to choose how you’ll cruise.

Re-defining adventure

Adventure isn’t just about adrenaline. People are exploring everything from unexpected cities to new hobbies as they head out of town.

While wellness travel made major waves in 2017 with yoga retreats and forest bathing for peace of mind, increased interest in bike tours (+142%) combines high endurance fitness with opportunities to see new terrain. Also making waves are surf classes (+260%) in trendy international locations such as Bali.

Others are keeping it classy when it comes to planning trip activities, creating their own adventure by learning something new. Cooking classes (+81%) are still on the rise, but an emerging trend of food photography workshops (+207%) gives travellers a chance to develop a skill beyond the skillet.

Culture crawl

Art tours (+84%) are a popular way to explore a city and understand a new culture, but people are also looking to explore the world through the lens of pop culture.

People are [camera] ready to head to destinations based on the filming locations of popular films and TV programmes such as Game of Thrones (+194%).