Unlocking More Shopping Experiences on Pinterest


As Pinterest grows we’re always looking for ways to give businesses even more opportunities to bring their products and services onto the platform, reach their business objectives, connect with their audience, and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Today, we’re expanding the Pinterest Marketing Partners program to become our global Pinterest Partners program by making Pinterest more accessible to the 3rd party technology and business communities and enabling more shopping experiences than ever before on Pinterest.

This newly launched specialty of ‘Shopping’ partners includes:

  • Platform partners like WooCommerce and Square Online Store who allow businesses to set up e-commerce sites and experiences

  • Feed management providers like Feedonomics, Productsup, and GoDataFeed who can manage and optimise product inventory feeds for businesses bringing their product catalogues to Pinterest

  • Shoppable experience platforms like Shoppable, MikMak, and Jebbit who connect products within a Pin with the retailers that can fulfill orders and make it easier to shop

  • Tag management providers including PixelYourSite and Tealium who can track closed-loop measurement of online shopping conversions and sales

In recent years we've introduced new shopping features on Pinterest like product Pins, catalogues to bring in product feeds, personalised shopping recommendations and Shop the Look. We want people to be able to shop for any item they see on Pinterest.

When we first introduced the Marketing Developer Partners program in 2015, we had just launched our ads products. Since then the needs of the businesses who use Pinterest every day have evolved from ads to even more diverse business areas. And now with Shopping added to the specialties in our program, we’re officially renaming our “Marketing Partners” program to simply the “Pinterest Partner” program. This group of curated solution providers includes Advertising, Content Marketing, Audiences, Measurement, Creative, and Shopping. With these partners, we can truly help businesses of all sizes reach their goals.

Additionally, to make it easier for all the businesses on Pinterest to see and understand their organic and paid performance on Pinterest we are testing a new Reporting API. The Reporting API will give businesses insight into how their organic content on Pinterest engages their audience and which ads are the most relevant. Whether you use a business intelligence or analytics platform or have your own in-house dashboards, the Reporting API will make it easier than ever to optimise for Pinterest.

Lastly, our core ads program keeps growing, with the addition of two new international partners to our existing advertising specialties. New partners include MakeMeReach in France and Adsmurai in Spain.