Dinner spelled out with food items.

Pinterest has always been a favourite with food-lovers because you can find easy, everyday recipes to make at home. In fact, food is one of the top categories on Pinterest—with over 15 billion ideas and counting. People also search for and try more food ideas on Pinterest than any other category. Today, we’re introducing new features to help you find the recipes you love and get recommendations from people who’ve tried them.


Narrow in on the perfect recipe

It’s 30 minutes before hunger hits. Don’t panic! Now you can filter your searches to find recipes by time, diet and the ingredients you have on hand. 30 minute veggie-friendly coconut recipes? Done.

Recipes on Pinterest


See what magic Lens dishes up

Our visual discovery technology already recognises objects in more than 750 categories, and people have been busily pointing Lens beta at everything from lemons to cherry tomatoes to find new recipes to try. And now we’re rolling out a way for you to Lens an entire dish and get recipes to recreate the meal. So the next time you want to copycat the waffles at your favourite brunch spot, Lens them to see what ideas turn up.

Lens on strawberries


Don’t fry blind

Picking out a recipe on Pinterest is easy because you can see what it looks like. Starting today, you’ll also see handy star ratings from sites like BBC Good Food and Tesco.

Recipes on Pinterest


Now it’s easier to see how a recipe turned out for people who’ve already made it—just scroll down on a recipe to see their tips and photos.

Looking forward to seeing what you cook up!

– Kate Allchin, UK Content & Community Manager, currently saving ideas to LUNCH