From makeup to tattoos, weddings or decoration: how to plan Halloween with Pinterest


With Halloween just a few weeks away, the countdown is officially on to tap into your frightful creativity and forget, once and for all, your old witch costume and that rotten pumpkin. Pinterest has tens of millions of Halloween related boards, making it the go-to place to discover, plan and shop for all things Halloween. 

This year, television and movies are heavily trending and inspiring costumes and makeup across the globe. With 60 million monthly Pinners engaging with entertainment content, this comes as no surprise. Whether it’s one of the hottest characters of today or a favorite from a more nostalgic time, Pinterest has you covered. Remakes are a thing in 2019, with classics such as The Powerpuff Girls, Toy Story, Spider-Man, and Aladdin rounding out the top searches.

But Halloween is more than just costumes and makeup. Since May, Pinners have been searching for tattoos, games, art, weddings, and more all inspired by the spooky festivity. 

Need some inspiration? Check out our 2019 Halloween Report to see this year’s top trending ideas. You can find hi-res images here

Costumes in the U.S.

Entertainment, particularly TV shows “The Powerpuff Girls” and “Stranger Things,” are driving costume picks in the US.

US Halloween

Costumes Globally

Mermaid costumes are most popular in South America and Southern Europe, while the US, South Africa and Japan lean more towards entertainment-inspired costumes. Classics such as pirates or circus-inspired costumes are evergreen around the world.

Global map

Top trending ideas for costumes

Top costumes searches by those identifying as female:

  1. Powerpuff Girls

  2. Pirate

  3. Circus

  4. Stranger Things

  5. Alien

  6. Mermaid

  7. Harley Quinn

  8. 80’s costume

  9. Poison Ivy

  10. Alice in Wonderland

Top costumes searches by those identifying as male:

  1. Super hero

  2. Viking

  3. Spider-Man

  4. Joker

  5. Jedi

  6. Animal

  7. Circus

  8. Pirate

  9. Mad Max

  10. Robot

Single costumes

Going to a party alone isn’t a terrifying social experience anymore. Here’s what to when celebrating solo:

Inclusive costumes

Everyone is searching for costumes they’ll love:

BFF and couples costumes

This year, couples costumes have overtaken best friends costumes, with searches for “Halloween couples costumes” +367% and “BFF Halloween costumes” up 250%. Whether you’re a couple or BFFs, grab your partner and put on one of these costumes:

Group costumes

Group costumes are a great way to team up and bring an idea to life. This year, characters from TV shows and the latest Pixar and Disney films are the most popular group costumes:


Makeup will bring your Halloween costume to life. Find endless ideas and Halloween makeup videos (+1073%) to complete your chilling look. 

Halloween Party

There’s nothing wrong with plastic pumpkins and eating candy, but why not step up the Halloween decorations and party ideas? On Pinterest there’s something for every space and occasion. Read below for trending ideas for your best Halloween party.


Games and activities

Food and drinks

Spice up your recipes and prepare appetizers and dishes that are as spooky as tasty! On Pinterest, people search for food ideas every day.

Here are a few ideas to inspire your Halloween treats: 

Top trending Halloween recipes

Other things people are searching for related to Halloween

As Pinterest is a place to foster your creativity, trending searches don’t end where you’d expect. In addition to costumes, makeup, and decor, people are increasingly searching for Halloween themed wedding ideas and tattoo ideas to further celebrate the occasion!


All percent increases throughout this report are calculated using normalized searches from July ‘18 to July ‘19.