Ink-spiration: 2019 Tattoo favorites on Pinterest

Tattoos on Pinterest

Most people know that Pinterest is a place for inspiration where Pinners go to get fresh ideas for everything from easy brunch recipes to their first solo travel trip. But did you know that tattoos are consistently one of the top reasons people turn to Pinterest, ranking among the most popular searches every single year?¹ In fact, there have been more than a billion searches for tattoos on Pinterest and there are billions of saved tattoo designs and ideas.

We took a look at tattoos on Pinterest to serve up some ink-spiration for all. What are the body parts people are getting tatted up these days? (hint: throat tattoos? ouch!)  Which gender prefers the rose tattoo? (hint: it might not be who you think!) Which country is into “nerdy tattoos”? Read on for answers to these questions, and more.

Tattoo ink-spiration

Winter Stone, a top, celebrity Tattoo artist who has inked stars such as Miley Cyrus, Emma Roberts, Sophie Turner and Demi Lovato, says “Pinterest is often used as a tool for inspiration – I receive many boards from clients that shows a thought-out process of what they’d like to get when they see me. Pinterest has been a very useful tool in many ways.”

We invite you to explore our board of tattoo design ink-spiration and see what sparks your interest.

Pro tip: Once you’ve decided to make it permanent (or even if you take the semi-permanent route!), tap “Add photo” on the Pin that inspired you to show you’ve completed the Pin.

Tattoo themes

Pinners are looking for tattoos - both permanent and temporary - that are a way to express themselves and share their unique personality with the world.

“Clients often come in to celebrate self-love. People use tattoos as a way of marking a significant moment in time, to celebrate or remember something special. I see more and more clients coming in with tattoo ideas that reflect self-love such as words of affirmation or tiny symbols to use little reminders to themselves.” - Winter Stone

Celebrating your body through art:

Inspirational tattoos for a dose of self-love:

Being proud of who you are:

Tattoo designs

“Pinterest helps in such a big way for my clients because they can really capture a great idea on what they want to show me. Most of my clients can’t draw so it is very helpful to use Pinterest as a source to spark ideas and find what speaks to them.”  - Winter S

Tattoo placement: Where to put that ink?

His ink versus her’s:

Pinners that self-identify as men are more likely to search for sleeve style tattoos and mighty animals such as wolves or lions. Pinners that self-identify as women are more into smaller tattoos and opt for a finger over a full sleeve. However, both women and men are searching for rose tattoos.

Top searched designs among those that self-identify as men

  1. Wolf

  2. Rose

  3. Sleeves

  4. Lion

  5. Old school

Top searched designs among those that self-identify as women

  1. Small

  2. Flower

  3. Rose

  4. Sunflower

  5. Finger tattoos

What’s up with tattoos around the world?

We looked at the tattoo searches from eight different countries around the globe, and the results were not what we expected. Germany is all about Celtic tattoos, while Brazil is into mechanical tattoo designs. The French are searching for pink minimalist tattoos and Japan goes for a semi-permanent option with henna. The US is rocking ink for British rock band Queen.


¹Tattoos were within the top 20 search terms in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

²Trend increases are calculated using normalized searches from December 2017 to December 2018.