In the coming weeks, we’re going to retire the Like button on Pins.

There are lots of reasons why people like Pins on Pinterest. But because we have both a Save button and a Like button, it hasn’t always been clear how they’re different. After doing a bunch of research with Pinners, we found Pinterest is easier to understand when we remove the Like button altogether.


Hello, Save button

The good thing about the Save button is the ideas you save are easy to get back to later. Not only can you organize Pins to different boards, but you can search for them too. And every time you save something, we get a clearer sense of what you’re into and can show you better ideas.


We’ll save your Likes

Soon we’ll move any Pins you may have liked to a new board on your profile called “Your Pinterest Likes.” This board will be secret, which means only you’ll be able to see it. You can always <<move these Pins>> to your other boards if you want to.

We know it’s hard to say goodbye to something that’s been a part of Pinterest for so long, and we appreciate you sticking with us as we keep making improvements.

If you’ve got any feedback, we’d love to hear it.

– Kim O’Rourke, currently saving ideas to home envy