People representing their story.


For the last year, we’ve been on the road capturing stories about what makes Pinterest great: our Pinners. From Albuquerque to Argentina, Pinners are trying all sorts of ideas from Pinterest and little by little, we’ve been getting many of those stories on camera.

An avocado grilled cheese with Guillaume in Paris. Brittany’s emerald green eyeshadow in Brooklyn. The Thanksgiving dessert that sealed the deal for Natalie in Los Angeles. And Mbali’s new-house-new-me couch in Harlem. If one thing’s for certain, it’s that Pinners all over the world love to try new things.

Do you have a Pinterest story to share? It can be big, small, funny… whatever! We just wanna hear about a Pin you’ve brought to life. Fill out this form to get started, and someone from our team could be in touch soon to chat about it. We could even come to your area to interview you in-person!


We can’t wait to hear what ideas you’ve been trying!

- Jessica Henry, Pinner Story Producer, currently saving ideas to Chairs