Graphic image of mustache

Handlebar or horseshoe—it all depends on your personal moustache mojo. All month, we’re celebrating the ‘stache to support the Movember Foundation and men’s health, and meanwhile finding a whole lot of creative upper lipholstery on Pinterest.

What’s with the whiskers? Pinployee Derrick Diaz was hoping you’d ask…

Man with mustache.

How’d you first become a Mo Bro?

It was 2009 at my old job in New York City. People were really into it and one year, whoever bid the most got to pick the color someone else had to dye their moustache—it got pretty competitive. I’ve raised $60,000 since then.

What was the inspiration for your Mo this year?

This is a classic handlebar—very Hulk Hogan-esque. I wanted something that didn’t fit my face so people would ask me about it. I searched for “ men’s moustache shaping” on Pinterest and found good stuff that way.

Does your wife dig it?

She hates it! She thinks I look like Spencer Pratt with the blond growing in. She’ll say stuff like “I don’t know if i can kiss you…it’s terrible!”

Any tips for Mo maintenance?

My first year I treated myself to a warm shave from a barber, but now I can handle it myself. The best way to groom is with a comb and high-quality hair cutting scissors—not with a beard trimmer since you don’t have as much control.

Who’s your moustache hero?

Tom Selleck. His is dark, full, and he has the perfect upper lip. Sometimes my moustache makes me feel like I’m a 14 year-old kid who’s trying to be like my dad (who also had the Tom Selleck). It just doesn’t have the oomph. I blame the blond.

How can people get involved?

Grow your own! Donate to an individual or a whole team anytime this month.

Feeling MOtivated? Donate to Derrick or Team Pinstache! Or pick your ‘stache style from Supercompressor’s Mustache Masters or Movember’s Mo’s we like board.

Dave Kim, Product Marketing Manager, currently pinning to Style Ideas