Phone screen with Pinterest app.

There are over 150 million people who use Pinterest to find ideas, and more than half of those are from outside the United States. That’s why we spent the last year making sure that our app works quickly and smoothly for everyone—no matter where you live or what language you speak.

Recently, we’ve launched some special features and now a brand new blog for our Spanish-speaking Pinners.


New local features

Spanish is one of the quickest growing languages on Pinterest—with over 5 million searches every day. But people speak Spanish all over the world, so not only is it important to get results in the right language, the results need to make sense for where you live.

Now, all the handy search tools we have on Pinterest—like typeaheads, autocorrect and search guides—work for Spanish searches too.


Explore Explore

We’re excited to launch Pinterest Explore in Mexico and Argentina. Explore is your spot to discover the newest Pinterest trends and top picks by tastemakers near you. Stop by every day to see some of the best ideas on Pinterest.


Keep up with the latest

Check out our new Spanish blog and follow our new Pinterest profiles for Mexico and Argentinato keep up with all the stuff we’re building here at Pinterest.

- Ricardo Sangion, currently saving ideas to crossfit