Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

As Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off, we’ve been reflecting on all the incredible contributions our Hispanic and Latin American communities have made to our country and the world around us—even Pinterest itself.

Each day, people come to Pinterest looking for inspirational ideas to try, and many of those ideas are rooted in Hispanic and Latin American traditions. Take for example, Lala Lopez, who used Pinterest to inspire her work as a photographer:

"I created a series of self-portraits inspired by Frida Kahlo that explored her life, work and spirituality. I used secret boards to get the idea going and found ideas on how to set up my shots. I used them to get down to the nitty gritty about Kahlo’s life. I wondered what influences were a part of her everyday life, so I searched ‘Frida Kahlo fashion,’ ‘Frida Kahlo style,’ ‘Mexican folk art’ and things like ‘flowers in hair.’ At the same time, I wanted the project to represent me. I wanted to celebrate my big curly hair, brown skin and creativity. I wanted that to really shine through, rather than trying to make myself look like Frida Kahlo."

Photo of Lala Lopez with flower in her hair

Lala is not alone—hundreds of millions of Pinners around the world come to Pinterest looking for ideas for how to decorate their home, what to wear to work, what to cook for their family, and more. This global exchange of ideas is what makes our Pinner community so special. Our Pinners constantly remind us of how much more alike we are than different and that, together, we are better.

For all of Hispanic Heritage Month—September 15th to October 15th—whenever you search Pinterest for “Hispanic Heritage Month” (or related search terms like “Hispanic culture” or “Latina”), a selection of boards celebrating Hispanic and Latin American heritage will appear in your results. You’ll find boards that include luminaries like Dr. France A. Córdova (Director of the National Science Foundation and former NASA Chief Scientist), Isabel Allende (world-renowned author and winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom) and Oscar Arias Sánchez (Nobel Peace Prize winner).

Photo of Search UI (when someone types in Hispanic Heritage Month into Pinterest, they will see a few recommended boards curated by Pinterest)


The Hispanic Heritage Month boards you’ll find come from the larger Pinner community as well as Todos Pincluidos, Pinterest’s own community of Hispanic and Latin American employees and allies. Our boards also include some of our favorite recipes, people we look up to and Hispanic and Latin American influencers and creators who inspire us to try new things on Pinterest.

We hope you find these boards inspiring, and discover something new and wonderful to try in your own life.

— Christine Flores, General Counsel, currently pinning to Todos Pincluidos.