Helping a quarter billion people find inspiration

Image of Pinterest users

As of today, there are now more than 250 million people who use Pinterest each month. That’s a lot of people (more than the population of Brazil!). But more than the size of the number, what’s truly exciting is how all those people are using Pinterest.

At a time when the internet can feel increasingly negative and politicized, we think it's remarkable that a quarter of a billion people are choosing to spend their time on Pinterest, a place that helps them feel positive and optimistic about the future.

A growing global community

Over half of the people on Pinterest—and 80% of new signups—are from outside the United States. But no matter where you’re from, Pinterest gives you the inspiration you need to create a life you love.

We hear it again and again. Pinners across the globe describe Pinterest as their own positive corner of the internet. It’s where they go to learn about their personal tastes, and get the confidence to try new things. According to a Nielsen study, 98% of Pinners go out and try ideas they find on Pinterest—way more than the 71% social media platform average. Other apps are about connecting with friends and inviting more people to join. Pinterest is your place to reconnect with yourself.

Like Pablo in Buenos Aires, who goes to Pinterest for inspiration—for shoes, for his latest design projects, for outfitting his new apartment with his girlfriend. Or Wasana in Bangkok, who tried so many of the recipes she found on Pinterest, she built up the confidence to start teaching her own cooking classes. Or Mylène in Lyon, who’s been trying embroidered wall art, tattoos and new recipes.

“Pinterest helps me feel more creative,” Mylène told us. “It's the best moment of the day, when I get home and can sit on my couch and scroll through Pinterest. I don't have to think of work or things I have to do, like groceries or the dishes. I’ll find Pins that make me think 'Why don't I try that?'"

175+ billion ideas and counting

There are now more than 175 billion Pins to explore on Pinterest—up 75% since early last year. People have been saving all kinds of different ideas here, like products they love (+115%), style ideas (+38%), art (+50%) and DIY projects to try (+35%). Which means there are now more ideas than ever for other people to discover and get inspired by.

When we first started building Pinterest eight years ago, we certainly hoped people would use it to get more creative with their daily lives. But we never imagined Pinterest would one day be one of the biggest internet platforms in history.

But more important than this big milestone number are the people behind it. Our Pinners are what matter most. Which is why we regularly travel around the world to meet the people who use Pinterest. This week, my co-founder Ben and I are heading to Kansas City and Des Moines to meet with folks and hear some of those stories in person. It’s one of my favorite things we do. I love hearing people’s stories about how Pinterest helps them in their daily lives. What’s even more exciting to me are all the stories that are still to come.

Pinterest Co-founder Evan Sharp, now saving things to buy and do