Introducing Pinterest Trends, showing the power of insights IRL


Over 320 million people around the world use Pinterest to get inspired -- from finding meals they’re going to cook, to figuring out what to wear or how to style their homes. More than 200 billion ideas have been saved to over 4 billion boards to-date on the platform, providing insights into emerging trends and early signals into consumer behavior and evolving tastes. 

Today, we’re starting to roll out Pinterest Trends, a new tool that will give  a view of the top US search terms within the past 12 months, and a look into when top search terms peak so you can better understand how content performs on Pinterest. 

Pinterest Trends will help brands get deeper insights into planning behaviors on the platform, and allow  them to allocate budgets to campaigns during various planning stages. It will also validate assumptions about emerging trends, refine search queries with the aid of auto-complete suggestions, and help advertisers find a list of keywords to include or avoid while planning media campaigns. 

Because people come to Pinterest to save ideas and plan for the future, we can understand unique and emerging tastes, preferences and interests that have powered our algorithm over the years, and are now available for brands to learn more from.   

Global media company, Tastemade, uses video analytics and audience insights to make informed programming decisions. For example, over the summer, they saw that watermelon content was outperforming across platforms, so they doubled down and created a dedicated Board, which led to a viral watermelon-focused Pin campaign.

Brands like Albertsons, which tapped into Pinterest insights to better understand holiday food and beverage trends, developed a campaign aimed at driving in-store sales for their private label brands including pumpkin alcohol drinks (+154%), Friendsgiving party ideas (+475%), holiday grazing tables (+500%) and Christmas desserts (+229%).  

"Albertsons shoppers want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new and exciting trends. We believe Pinterest is the perfect platform to inspire shoppers with a new take on Holiday classics as they plan for the season. Using Pinterest Trends online and in-store enables Own Brands to be top of mind in a truly innovative way." -Chad Coester, SVP of Own Brands

Today we also announced the Pinterest 100, our annual report that reveals the top emerging trends to try in the year ahead. This extensive report also offers businesses a sneak peek at what research shows people around the world will want in the coming year. 

To test out or confirm the ideas and topics that might be trending, you'll be able to try the new Pinterest Trends to see inside search behaviors on Pinterest and apply it to brand and campaign decisions, or get a feel for the latest on Pinterest. Pinterest Trends will be available over the coming weeks on desktop in the US.