Introducing the next wave of visual search and shopping

Ever since we introduced new visual discovery tools back at the beginning of the year, we’ve been tinkering with more and better ways to help you spot ideas you love—from visual search for Chrometo recipe-finding tools to interface improvements.

Visual search on Pinterest doesn’t just identify what something is, it shows you how it can fit into your life—from ways to style an outfit to how to decorate your first apartment. As we mark the second anniversary of visual search on Pinterest, we’re announcing 5 new ways to find products and ideas you want to try using the power of visual search.


Lens Your Look

Today we’re introducing Lens Your Look, a new way to find outfit ideas inspired by your wardrobe, and the next big step for Pinterest Lens. Lens Your Look lets you add a photo of an item from your closet to your text search so you get the best ideas to try yourself. This means you can search in whatever way makes sense for what you’re looking for, whether you have the words or an image to describe it.

So if you’re looking for new ways to wear your favorite fall staple—say a jean jacket—you can add a photo of your exact jacket to your search to find Autumn outfit ideas that go right with your denim.

By mixing and matching ways to search for ideas to try on Pinterest, Lens Your Look transforms your phone into your own personal stylist. It feels more like a conversation—from “Let me show you a photo of what I’m talking about” to “What if you tried it with a hat?”—until you find exactly the looks you want to try.

Lens your look on Pinterest app.

Lens Your Look starts rolling out today in the English language version of our app for iPhone and Android.


Shop the Look—now with even more looks!

Not only does Pinterest help you find the looks to wear from more than 16 billion style Pins, it also helps you buy the items you’ll want to bring that head-to-toe look to life.

Now we’re announcing a deeper partnership with ShopStyle, which brings more than 5 million new shoppable products across 25 thousand brands to Shop the Look on Pinterest—with hundreds more being added every day.

Starting today you can shop the freshest looks from ShopStyle Collective’s 14 thousand style influencers (like Color Me CourtneyNew DarlingsMint Arrow and Memorandum), then get the look for yourself by clicking the dots that appear on shoppable products within Pins.

Shop my style on Pinterest app.

Responsive Visual Search

We’re making it easier to do visual searches from your phone with Responsive Visual Search, a more seamless and immersive way to search images. Just pinch to zoom in on any object you see within a Pin to automatically start a visual search and instantly discover similar Pins.

Look for Responsive Visual Search to hit your app over the next few weeks, starting on iPhone.


Pinterest’s visual search comes to on Firefox

Millions of people already use the Pinterest extension for Chrome to save ideas from around the web. Since March, you've also been able to use the extension to do visual searches with any image you see. Now visual search is the number one way people people use our extension.

Starting today that same visual search technology is available for Firefox, too. Just download Pinterest for Firefox, and any image you find on the internet can be a starting point for a search.

Flashlight extension on Pinterest


Discover more ideas with real-world Pincodes

Here’s something else that’s new: When you’re out shopping at your favorite store, or flipping through a magazine, you’re going to start to see Pinterest Pincodes. Just pull out your Pinterest camera and scan any Pincode to see curated ideas on Pinterest inspired by what you’re looking at in the real world.

Pincodes on Pinterest


All these new visual discovery features will be coming your way over the next few weeks. Keep an eye out!

—Jeff Harris, product manager on discovery, is currently using Pinterest to discover dremeling ideas