Pinterst Workshop

More than 200 million people discover and try new ideas every month on Pinterest, and we wanted to bring that same spirit to a physical space. Today, we’re excited to announce the grand opening of the Workshop, a first-of-its-kind creative studio and social club at Pinterest HQ, fully equipped with professional equipment, art supplies and more.

The Workshop was born out of two beliefs. Making something by hand is powerful, and bringing together diverse, passionate people is magical.  

This is Pinterest’s antidote to a virtually-connected culture. It’s an offline destination that promotes our mission in a meaningful way, allowing people to discover and do what they love—in real life.

And there’s just one rule in the Workshop: Never ever ever stop trying.

Man taking picture of champagne glass.

Everyone is welcome. Pinners, Pinterest employees, influencers and our business partners can create projects, practice techniques and teach skills, as well as share advice and build relationships. Monthly and quarterly programming and special events will pop up throughout the year as well.

Additional amenities include a Library of Inspiration, meeting spaces, a fully-stocked kitchen, lactation room and shower room.

On one side of the space, a Try Wall features up to 20 specially-selected projects in popular categories like home, style and food, that you can do right then and there.

Work shop details of wall with finished craft products.

Pinterest influencers, AKA Pinsiders, have a unique opportunity to spark creativity and create an authentic conversation with their audiences to help bridge the gap between ambition and accessibility. Video and lighting equipment makes it even easier to bring Pinterest ideas to life and share across platforms. They can take the viewer through the process, whether it’s how to master something, or the pitfalls to avoid, and share their personal tips and tricks. Their thoughtful storytelling will give others the confidence to try something new—our ultimate goal.

Women at Pinterest Workshop laughing together.

Last night, 100+ Pinsiders visited the Workshop for a mix-and-mingle maker fest. Power Pinners like Studio DIYHonestly WTF and Style Weekender led guests through various projects at hands-on Trypods. Actress Emma Roberts and producer Karah Preiss took the stage for a Q&A session and discussed topics like moving beyond fear and self doubt, taking risks and how they launched their business, Belletrist, an online community that celebrates great books and the people who read them.

Women speakers at Pinterest event.


Pinfluencer with yellow skirt

Pinfluencers at event.

More Pinterest programs and parties coming soon! In the meantime, if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and make some of the stuff you love on Pinterest, pinterestworkshop [at] (email )//pinterestworkshop [at]">us.

—Aimee Bidlack, currently saving ideas to COLOR