Phone screen with Pinterest app.

Good news: The iOS app has a sleek new look! We de-cluttered and simplified navigation so it’s easier to get around the app. The new, cleaner design also lets you focus more on your Pins. Next time you see a product, place or article Pin, take a look close up—the Pin’s info and image have much more room on the screen to shine.


Phone screen with Pinterest app.


Looking to search through your Pins or upload a new one? Those options now live at the top of your profile.

In this update, we also improved start up times so when you open the app, you can get to Pinning faster than ever.

We’re rolling out this new design to iPhone users first. You’ll also start to see similar updates on iPad, Android and the web over the next weeks and months—so keep an eye out.

Update your app to take a look at what’s new. And don’t forget, you can Pin from your mobile browser now too—it just takes a minute to set up .


Steven Ramkumar, iOS Engineer, currently pinning to Motion